Flinders University is the named insurer under a Corporate Travel Insurance issued by AIG.

Upon request the University may extend the benefits of that insurance coverage to staff and students travelling overseas for University business or study purposes.


Staff travelling overseas must book their travel via the online system FlindersPro which automatically provides staff with International Travel Insurance cover once your booking has been processed.

Staff who have not booked through FlindersPro will still have to register through the international travel insurance link.

Staff travelling within Australia are automatically protected and registration is not required.


Students will still be required to book their travel insurance through the University travel insurance website link

The following links provide access to important information including the full AIG Travel Insurance Policy (PDF 662KB) , the  Schedule of Benefits (PDF 130KB) showing the limits payable under each section of cover and claims excesses, eligibility for cover and how to register on line using your FAN identification.

Private Travel Insurance

For persons undertaking private travel please complete the Private Travel Insurance application (PDF 85KB) and forward your application to Arthur J Gallagher & Co (Aus) Ltd.   This facility can be used by staff, students and their relatives travelling in Australia and overseas.

Travel Insurance Claims

Major Claims

If you require assistance while travelling anywhere in the world, ask the local telephone operator for a reverse charge call to AIG on (+60 3) 27725641 quoting Policy Number 2300110376 in the name of Flinders University.

You can read the AIG Travel Claim Form (PDF 272KB) .

This service should be used if for any reason you are:

1. Hospitalised.
2. Diagnosed with a medical condition of concern.
3. Facing a serious disruption to your travel schedule.

This service can be used to access advice on any matters affecting your travel arrangements even though they may not be events that are covered by insurance.

More information on the service provided and contact details are shown on the certificate you receive when registering for cover.

For the above reasons it is recommended you keep a copy of that document with your travel papers.

Minor Claims

If you are away and a claimable event occurs which causes some inconvenience without seriously disrupting your planned schedule, you can wait until your return to home to lodge a claim for any amounts greater than the applicable excess. The excess amounts are shown in the Schedule of Benefits (PDF 130KB)

You can call AIG on (+60 3) 2772 5641 quoting Policy Number 2300110376 in the name of Flinders University if you need any assistance with making a claim.

At the time of the event you should report any loss or theft to the police or airport authorities.

Claim Documentation

• Retain all receipts, accounts, medical reports, luggage delay/lost notifications and other documentation that you might need to support your eventual claim.

• On your return home download AIG Travel Claim Form (PDF 272KB) which is to be completed, signed and sent with all supporting documentation to the University’s Insurance Officer.

• If possible include accounts or receipts for original purchases of any lost/stolen items as proof of ownership.

• Attach accounts, receipts or bank card statements as evidence of payments made while you were away.

• If you do not replace missing items while away and prefer to wait until the Insurer makes a settlement offer, then obtain quotations from local suppliers and attach to your claim form.

• The Insurance Officer will forward the documentation to the Insurer and then assist with any queries that might arise before settlement is forthcoming.