Travel Insurance

Flinders University provides travel insurance cover for members of the University community who have been approved to travel for and on behalf of the University. Cover is provided for both domestic and international travel.

Travel Insurance Information and Documentation

A summary of the insurance cover and other important information including emergency assistance details, Memorandum of Insurance, top-up cover application form and how to make a claim is included in the below Travel Insurance Guide.

For more details on the policy terms and limits, see the following documents:

Private Travel Insurance

Alumni, staff and students can arrange travel insurance for private travel under the University’s corporate travel insurance policy at their own cost. For private travel insurance please complete the Private Travel Insurance application (DOCX 66KB) and forward to Arthur J Gallagher for a quotation.

Risk and Insurance

If you have any queries regarding travel insurance, please contact the Risk and Insurance office or 08 8201 3793.