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Academic Senate is responsible for ensuring the academic quality and integrity of the University's academic operations.  As the primary academic discussion forum in the University, it debates issues that affect the University's ability to implement, enhance and quality assure its academic mission - from the way we teach, through the courses we offer to the quality of our research activities.  It does this by bringing together the University's Senior Management with representatives of the University's Colleges and the student body to discuss and ratify the academic issues facing the University.

Academic Senate meetings are open to all members of the University community, with the exception of rare confidential items. Contact the Secretary at for more information.

These pages provide a snapshot of the deliberations and decisions of Senate.  Further information can be found in the minutes and from the Secretary.

Issue of the Meeting

Academic Senate has introduced a regular Issue of the Meeting and is soliciting items for discussion from across the University.  The idea is to raise and discuss issues of institutional level importance to the academic functions of the University.   

Suggestions are welcome, and should be forwarded to .

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Academic Senate news

Report from meeting 6/17 – 15 November 2017

Below is an informal summary of some of the discussions and decisions at the November meeting of Academic Senate.  This is not intended to be either exhaustive or definitive.  Further detail can be found in the minutes and your Academic Senate representatives can provide further detail.  


There was a presentation from the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching Innovation), Professor Deborah West, regarding Digital Credentials and the manner in which they might form part of our offerings in the future. 

Research Strategy

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) spoke to his paper renewing the term of the existing Flinders Centres and Institutes.  There was useful debate about the effects of the foreshadowed change to the Centres and Institutes policy and of other issues related to the governance of Centres, Institutes and Themes.

Education Key Accountability Measures

Academic Senate discussed the mechanism for assessing the key accountability measure for 2017 and agreed to move from assessing high and low performance against fixed numbers or percentage to assessing performance against University set targets. It was also agreed that there would be a stronger focus on identifying and following through on intervention strategies.

Course Reviews

The Course Reviews Status Report was discussed and it was agreed more attention should be paid to closing the loop on course evaluations more quickly so the benefits of course reviews can flow more quickly.  It was agreed that this should be a focus for Deans (Education).


All Senior Management members provide a written report that can be found in the agenda/papers package. 

Other Decisions or Points of Interest

  • Significant course approvals/amendments were approved in relation to:
    • Add a Criminology stream to the Bachelor and Diploma of Letters;
    • Establish in principle, subject to funding negotiations and review by CQC, the following sub-Bachelor awards for entry:
      • Diploma of Arts
      • Diploma of Business
      • Diploma of Information Technology
      • Diploma of Science 
      • Diploma of Health Sciences (Disability and Community Rehabilitation)
  • Amendments were approved to the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence to accommodate the new University structure.
  • A  number of Research Centres and Institutes were approved to continue pending the planned 2018 review of alignment with the re-organised research structure.
  • The minutes of the first meeting of the Course Quality Committee were received.

Professor John Roddick
Chair, Academic Senate

Melinda Pike
Executive Officer, Academic Senate

24 November 17


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