The University is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (South Australia). Under the Act, the Vice-Chancellor, as the principal officer of the University, is responsible for compliance with the legislation.

The Vice-Chancellor designates senior staff who have been trained in accordance with the Act as 'accredited Freedom of Information (FOI) officers' under the Act. FOI officers will handle applications for access to University documents. General oversight of FOI is the responsibility of the Director, Integrity Legal and Risk.

The University encourages transparency and understanding of decision-making at all levels, and recognises the rights of individuals to access information through a range of mechanisms, in addition to implementing the FOI provisions.

These include:

What documents may be made available under FOI?

The FOI Act applies to any document in the possession, or under the control, of the University. Such a document may have been created by the University or elsewhere. Documents are in the possession or under the control of an officer of the University in that person's capacity as an employee of the University.

Documents include:

  • written information
  • information stored in a computer or by other electronic means
  • audio and video tapes, films
  • information in shorthand writing or in codified form
  • whole or part(s) of a document
  • committee records

Advice, information, and applications

Please contact in the first instance:

The Freedom of Information Officer

Tel: (+61 8) 8201 2533


A FOI Officer will be nominated to assist you to exercise your rights under the FOI law. Talking to the FOI Officer before you make an application may help shorten the process.