All courses in the University will be developed in accordance with the Policy on Course and Topic Development Approval and Management and submitted on the appropriate form(s). In addition, a proposal to offer a course overseas must comply with the provisions of the Policy on the Development of Offshore Programs

Forms and Guidelines are available for download from the Course Approval Process page in the Policies and Procedures Manual.


The course approval process

Proposals for new courses or changes to courses are normally developed by academic staff within Schools. A proposal will be considered within the relevant Faculty and it will then be considered by the University. A range of processes may apply, depending on the nature of the course, and the matters which need to be considered. These processes may include:

  • for new courses or major changes to a course, consideration of how the course fits within the overall range of University programs by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).
  • for new and offshore courses, consideration of the financial aspects of the proposal by the Financial Services Division
  • approval of new courses and major changes by Academic Senate
  • consideration of curriculum by the Course Advisory Committee.

A Flow Chart showing the approval process is available for a New Course, and a Significant Change to a Course.


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