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Who can use the online application system?

AGENTS: educational agents who are registered with the university can create online university applications on behalf of their clients using the Agent Portal; they will also be able to view and update applications associated with the username and password assigned to them by the university.

STUDENTS: prospective or continuing students. Prospective students may apply online, some exemptions apply. Please read the following information before starting your application. 


Document requirements

The applicant will need to provide documents for assessment for any qualifications listed in the application created. You will be required to upload electronic versions of documents in the online application. It is preferred that you attach documents that have been saved as low-resolution PDF's, and are less than 2MB in size. The upload facility will accept the following file formats: PDF, JPEG, TIF and GIF.

The document upload page will advise you of what documents to supply for assessment to be completed. Below are the requirements for each type of document.

Documents in a language other than English

If any of the documents are in a language other than English, agents must submit copies of a complete English translation certified by an independent accredited translator as well as a copy of the original document.

  • Passport and visa:

    If the applicant has a current passport and visa, you will be requested to provide copies of the passport's personal details page and of the visa page.

  • School and Tertiary studies:

    Copies of the award certificate and the academic transcript for any school and tertiary studies entered. Transcripts must show individual subject results, the grading system and if the course is complete provide evidence of course completion.

  • Employment experience:

    If an employment experience has entered, you will need to supply a copy of the curriculum vitae and a statement from the employer outlining duties and verifying the duration of employment and average hours worked per week.

  • Professional qualifications:

    You will need to provide documentary proof of any professional qualification/membership entered, such as award certificates and membership certificates.



If the applicant’s first language is not English, you will need to supply copies of the English Language Test results (e.g. IELTS/TOEFL).

Credit Transfer

If Credit Transfer has been requested, you must supply the official syllabus/description of each completed/currently enrolled subject that you are seeking credit for, which must detail the topics taught, contact hours, text books used and the assessment method.

System Requirements for online application.

This site is optimised for Internet Explorer (v8) and Mozilla Firefox (v3.6). You must also use an English language keyboard.
To ensure you are able to view the Scroll Bars and Continue buttons within the services, your screen area needs to be set at least at 1024 x 768 pixels or higher resolution.



Click Agent Login to log into the Agent Portal.

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Click Apply to start your application.

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Click Applicant Services to access the following services if you already have a current application.

• Contact details: change contact details
• Choose courses: check or change your course choices
• Summary: view a summary of your application
• Documents: review and upload the documents you need to provide
• After you submit: review the list of things you need to do
• Change password: change your password
• Contact Us: send us an email 

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The following groups of prospective and current students should not use the Online Application System.

If you are applying for:

If you fall into one of the categories listed above you can lodge the application form direct to the International Centre or by emailing to