What is the ISB?

The International Student Barometer (ISB) is the world’s largest student survey and is administered by an independent external research company iGraduate . The survey provides Flinders University with global, local and customised benchmarks for international student satisfaction and feedback.

Flinders University & ISB

For Flinders international students; the ISB is an opportunity to tell us what’s working, areas we can improve in and what you think of your Flinders experience to date.

We thank all international students who have participated in the ISB survey and provided valuable feedback in the past. Flinders University will continue to utilise the ISB survey to critically appraise satisfaction levels, improve international student services and sanction ongoing development across the University.

2012 Results

The latest i-graduate (ISB) rankings place us above the average for Australian universities in 70 out of the 84 categories.  We are in the Top 10 Australian universities in 68 of those categories.  

Please view the table below which outlines the 2012 results:

Flinders level of satisfaction
Australian level of satisfaction
Global level of satisfaction
Arrival Satisfaction
 88% 89% 86%
Learning Satisfaction
 85% 85% 86%
Living Satisfaction
 90% 88%  86%
Support Satisfaction
 91% 88% 88%
Overall Satisfaction
 87% 87% 88%