Video Episodes & Activity Sheets

Watch the following short video clips to learn about common Australian legal issues through stories about driving a car in Australia, finding rental accommodation, what to do in the event of a car accident, family issues, Australian police and more.

Completing the relevant activity sheet below each video will help reinforce your understanding and allow you to think about the appropriate way in which you will manage these situations if they arise.


Renting activity sheet (PDF 215KB)


Driving activity sheet (PDF 213KB)

Buying A Car

Buying a car activity sheet (PDF 212KB)

Australian Legal System

Australia's legal system activity sheet (PDF 213KB)

Car Accident

Car accident activity sheet (PDF 213KB)


Police activity sheet (PDF 211KB)

Family Violence

Family violence activity sheet (PDF 213KB)

Family Law

Family law activity sheet (PDF 215KB)

Child Protection

Child protection activity sheet (PDF 212KB)


All video episodes and support materials displayed on this webpage are obtained from the Legal Services Commission of South Australia.