International Student Services (ISS) provides a letter service for international students. These letters may be required by sponsors, banks, the Department of Home Affairs, and other government departments both in Australia and abroad.

Preview the letters we provide: 

Confirmation of Enrolment (PDF 18KB)
Confirmation of Course Completion (PDF 30KB)
Invite My Family/Friends to Visit Me During My Studies (PDF 18KB)
Invite My Family/Friends to Attend My Graduation (PDF 91KB)
Support for Overseas Travel During My Course (PDF 18KB)

If you require one of the above letters, please click here: 

If you require a non-standard specialised letter that is not listed above, please submit your request by emailing

For information about work rights and University Semester dates please click here.


Additional information for sponsored students

Sponsored students occasionally need to request letters that we consider non-standard; either it is because the letter is not in the list above or they require additional content not included in the standard letters. ISS understands that at times it is a requirement of the sponsor for you to have these non-standard letters produced.

Please note that when submitting a request for a non-standard letter, you will need to provide evidence that your sponsor requires this document. This can be done by either:

  • Your sponsor submitting a request for the letter; or
  • You, the student, requesting the letter and including an email (in English) from your sponsor.

Please note that in both instances the sponsor must confirm what specific content is required. Requests in both cases must be submitted via email to

ISS does not provide letters that confirm or specify the need for additional funding to be provided to students by sponsors for the purchase of resources, such as textbooks, stationery, computers or printers.