Selecting topics to study at Flinders

Topic information or description is available at each topic information page.

  1. Start search of topics here.
  2. To filter search, click on "Search timetable" tab at the bottom. 
      • "Subject Area”- topic area of study, e.g. BIOL-Biology
      • “Topic Number” - leave it blank for topics at all levels
      • Choose the campus for the "Location".
        e.g.“ Bedford Park (U)” for all topics conducted at Flinders main campus. Only postgraduate Business topics and few Asian Studies topics are running in “Adelaide CBD (ADL)”.  location. Only Theology topics  are running in "Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD)” location. Design, Computer Science and higher Engineering topics are taught at "Tonsley (TON)"
      • “Semester”- period of study, e.g. Semester 1 (S1) runs from March to June and semester 2 (S2) runs from July to November.
      •  "Mode of Study"- always select "internal" as you will be studying on campus
  3. Once satisfied with the filter of selection, click the “Display Timetable” button located at the bottom left corner of the page. This will automatically display all the topics for you to review.
  4. Tick the box before the topic code (e.g. BIOL 1101) to display the timetable indicating the lecture, tutorial and/or practical schedules. Select topics with no clashes in their timetables.
  5. Guide your cursor over the topic code (e.g. BIOL 1101) under the topic column of the timetable to display the details of the topic such as prerequisites, assessment, topic description and etc.
    Congratulations! You are now ready to select topics to nominate for your study plan.

Further instructions:

To complete page 3 of the application form or the “Flinders Topic Approval” form, please make sure to follow the tips below.

Nominate and list 5-7 topics according to your preference. The first 4 topics will be considered as your preferred topics and will initially be circulated to the relevant faculty for approval. The remaining topics are back-up topics and will be considered for review by the faculty if 1 or more preferred topics are not successful to gain approval for enrolment.

Use  the  “Timetable Planner”  or the UniBuddy Timetable Planner to arrange a study plan for all topics you select. Please ensure to check the individual topic timetables (step #4) and avoid any clashes in the lecture, tutorial and/or practical schedules of the topics being nominated.