New Colombo Plan (NCP) funded opportunities for Flinders students:

Project Title Country Availability Study Area  
Short Term Disability Focussed Practicum Placement Brunei Sept-Oct 2017 Disability studies  Contact for more info
Blue Environment Sensing, Output and Processing China Jan-Dec 2017 Biological Science  More info
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Across the Pacific Fiji Apr & Jul 2017 Biology  More info
Development of Indian Students in Sports Activities India Nov 2017 Sport, Health & Physical Activity  Contact for more info
IRU Scholars in Asia: Mumbai Internship Program India 12 Jan-25 Feb 2017 All areas  More info 
Indonesian Law and Legal System: An Introduction Indonesia Nov-Dec 2017 Law  Contact for more info
ACICIS Flexible Language Immersion Program Indonesia Jul 2017-Jun 2018 Languages, Arts & Humanities  More info
ACICIS Language Teacher Immersion Program Indonesia Jul 2017-Jun 2018 Languages, Education  More info
ACICIS International Relations Program Indonesia Jul 2017-Jun 2018 International Relations, Arts  More info
Investigating the History, Culture, Politics, Science and Technology Capability of Malaysia Malaysia Jan 2017 Arachaeology, Science and Engineering  More info
Nepal Development Program Nepal Jan 2017 Science & Engineering  More info
"Let's go and study in the Philippines" Philippines Jul 2017 Social Work  Contact for more info
Singapore Field Education Singapore Jul 2017 Social Work  Contact for more info
Engineering Internships with Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore Jul-Dec 2017 Science, Engineering, Health Sciences, CSEM Honours  More info