The exchange application process is a 2 part process. The first part is the application to Flinders exchange program and the second part involves application to the host university.

Five steps to applying!

Before commencing the application process please ensure you have:

  • Sought advice from the Flinders International Learn Without Borders Team.
  • Researched your desired destination and topics available.
  • Create an AskFlinders query (click "Request Support" at the bottom of the page), select Area>Enrolments and Enrolments Area>Credit from the drop down fields, and submit the following questions:
    • Based on my study plan, is it possible to complete a semester exchange and when is the best time to go?
    • Can I use electives or do I need to match core topics?

Part 1: Flinders exchange application

Step 1
Submit a  Study plan approval form (PDF 57KB) via AskFlinders to obtain the  credit letter (PDF 56KB) (sample only).
Step 2
Write a 500 word statement of purpose outlining:

  • Why you wish to participate in the exchange program including your aims and objectivities.
  • How study at your exchange host will benefit you both academically and personally. 
  • Awareness of your proposed host universities and country’s culture
Step 3

Obtain a written reference from one Flinders academic staff member. Provide the Academic reference letter-guidelines (PDF 79KB)  to your referee. The reference letter should be written in MS Word document under the referee's Flinders University personalised letterhead.*Note that in some circumstances a 2nd referee may be required.

Step 4
Complete 1 financial planner (PDF 52KB) Financial Planner for your preferred host university.
Step 5

Apply Online!

Complete the online application form and upload your supporting documentation (approved study plan/credit letter, statement of purpose, reference letters and financial planner).

Part 2: Completing the host university exchange application form.

 What happens next?

Stage 1

We acknowledge receipt of your application and assess your application after the relevant closing date.

Stage 2 Following the closing date we will notify you via email of the outcome of your Flinders exchange application.

Stage 3 If successful in Flinders exchange application, we nominate you as an exchange student  to   your chosen host university.
Stage 4

We provide an application form from your host university to complete.

Stage 5
You apply for financial assistance by the relevant deadline.

Stage 6

If accepted by host university, we will send you confirmation correspondence.


Stage 7
You attend the mandatory Pre-departure sessions.