The exchange application process is a 2 part process. The first part is the application to Flinders exchange program and the second part involves application to the host university.

Part 1: Flinders exchange application

Five steps to applying!

Before commencing the application process please ensure you have:

  • Sought advice from the International Centre Learn Without Borders Team.
  • Researched your desired destination and topics available.
  • Talked to your Course Coordinator and mapped out a study plan, for your degree that includes a semester abroad.
  • Raised the study plan to the College Office for formal approval of participation of the exchange program via a credit letter.
Step 1
Complete a  Study plan approval form (PDF 57KB) signed by your Course Coordinator and College Office to obtain the  credit letter (PDF 56KB) (sample only).
Step 2
Write a 500 word statement of purpose outlining:

  • Why you wish to participate in the exchange program including your aims and objectivities.
  • How study at your exchange host will benefit you both academically and personally. 
  • Awareness of your proposed host universities and country’s culture
Step 3
Obtain a written reference from two Flinders academic staff members. Provide the Academic reference letter-guidelines (PDF 79KB)  to your potential referees. The reference letter should be written in MS Word document under the referee's Flinders University personalised letterhead.*short term programs require only one written reference.
Step 4
Complete a financial planner (PDF 52KB) . *Not required for short term programs.
Step 5

Apply Online!

Complete the online application form and upload your supporting documentation (approved study plan/credit letter, statement of purpose, reference letters and financial planner).

Part 2: Completing the host university exchange application form.

 What happens next?

Stage 1

We acknowledge receipt of your application and assess your application after the relevant closing date.

Stage 2 We will notify you via email of the outcome of your Flinders exchange application.

Stage 3 If successful in Flinders exchange application, we nominate you as an exchange student  to   your chosen host university.
Stage 4

We provide an application form from your host university to complete.

NOTE: Students from Education, Humanities and Law will finalise the exchange study plan at this stage.

Stage 5
You apply for financial assistance by the relevant deadline.

Stage 6

If accepted by host university, we will send you confirmation correspondence.


Stage 7
You attend the mandatory Pre-departure sessions.