Application process and offers

How long will it take to process my application?

  • Undergraduate applications are usually processed within 20 working days. 
  • Postgraduate applications are usually processed within 20 working days.
  • Research applications can take up to six weeks to process.

What happens if my application is not successful?

If your application is not successful, we will write to you explaining why it was not accepted.  You may be required to provide further documents, or complete other courses. 

I want to accept my offer. What do I do?

If you wish to accept the offer from the University you must complete the 'Your Agreement With Flinders' form, pay the semester tuition fee and full length OSHC as stated in the offer letter. If the offer is conditional you cannot complete this process until all conditions are met. Once this documentation and payments are received the relevant documentation will be sent to you to apply for your student visa.

I have already got an offer for one program but want to change to another program. What do I have to do? 

If you want to change your program, you will have to lodge a new application form. You may also have to lodge additional documents for the new course if the requirements are different. Upon receipt of the new application, it will be processed accordingly and you will be advised of the outcome by mail. 

What do I need to do if I wish to defer my admission?

If you have been made an offer to the University and for some reason you cannot take up the offer at the date specified in the offer letter you may request a deferral of your admission. The form for deferral must be completed and submitted to the International Centre for your request to be considered. If approved a new offer letter with the new start date will be sent to you. If you defer admission more than once an A$55 administrative charge will be payable.

I have a conditional offer from last year and now I have got my English results. Can I use the letter to join the university?

Our offer letters are only valid for the semester or commencement date stated in the letter. If you have not responded or previously requested to defer your commencement, the conditional offer of admission will have lapsed. In this case, you will have to reapply and the new application will be reassessed in accordance with any new admission criteria that are currently effective. If the requirements have been raised and you have not been able to reach the revised standard, you may have a different outcome for your new application.

Fees and payment

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, the University Cashier accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards. You will need to have your student number ready (located under the first paragraph of your offer letter) and record the receipt number. For more information, please visit the fees section of our website.

Can I make partial payment of the semester tuition fee?

No, you must pay the full amount of the semester tuition and your student health cover fees prior to the start of semester. A COE will only be issued based on full payment. 

I am a current student, can I get an extension to pay my semester fees?

All payment extensions are issued by the Student Finance department so you will need to contact them directly, providing a valid reason with documentary evidence for the extension.

I have received a conditional offer. Can I pay the tuition fee to reserve a place?

Yes you can pay your tuition fees to reserve a place except if you are from a country where a PVA (Pre-Visa Assessment) is required, you may only pay after you have received a successful PVA. Information about the different assessment levels of countries can be found on the Department of Immigration website. Please be aware that you will only be accepted into your program once you have provided evidence of meeting the conditions stated in your offer agreement.

Can I get an extension to the payment date on my offer letter?

Yes, contact your case officer, as stated in your offer letter with the request. You will need to provide a valid reason. Please note: Visa documents will not be issued and you will not be permitted to enrol until the fees are received.

How do I find accommodation

Booking accommodation once you have accepted your offer

The University has housing available on campus for students in either Uni Hall or the Deirdre Jordan Village. Information about on-campus accommodation - including costs.

Students wanting to apply for the on campus housing must lodge their application and references by mid-December for students starting in February or mid-May for students starting in July. Applications will be ranked and students will be notified if they are offered a place usually about 1 month later. Students applying after these dates may still be offered a place depending on availability but may find that the on campus accommodation is fully booked. Students who do live on campus sign a housing contract, either for a semester or a year, however if they only sign a semester contract, they pay an extra cost.

Booking temporary accommodation

Just in case it is not possible to book into Flinders Living, you can book accommodation through a temporary accommodation provider - for students on a budget, we recommend a backpackers, or budget hostel. View information about temporary accommodation .

Please note that the University does not book accommodation for students. You must arrange and book your own accommodation before you leave your home country. This is important as you may be asked to provide your accommodation details to the Department of Immigration on arrival in Australia.

Still need help

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