The Ecuadorian Government, through the Secretaría Nacional de Educación Superior, Ciencia y Tecnología (SENESCYT) scholarships offer Ecuadorian professionals the opportunity to continue their academic formation in masters, doctorate or postdoctorate programs abroad.
Priority will be in the area of  scientific and technological development with a boost to the academic level of Ecuadorian universities at the same time.

For further Information about scholarship, please refer to the Senescyt Ecuador website.

For all application inquiries for the scholarship, please contact Latino Ecuador .

There are additional English language training benefits provided as part of the scholarship. Students will receive up to 15 weeks English Language provision at the Intensive English Language Institute.

*Please note there are limited positions available and not all students will be guaranteed a place. 

Why Flinders?

  • Flinders is a leading international university in Australia ranked in the country’s top 12 University.
  • Flinders fosters strong links between teaching and research, consistently ranking among Australia's top universities on a per capita basis for research spending, and for the citation of our work in professional journals.
  • Flinders has won many teaching awards including the nationst top national teaching award and outstanding contributions to Student Learning.
  • Flinders is located in Adelaide, known for its affordability, safety, accessibility and cosmopolitan environment.
  • Flinders has long been known as the ‘friendly university' with its warm, welcoming and diverse community, as many as 85 nationalities across the globe.
  • Flinders is consistently ranked as Australia’s top university for overal student learning and this includes arrival, learning, living and support satisfaction for international students. (ISB 2010)

Field of Study for Master by Coursework