Program Title: CISAustralia

Program Location: Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, South America, or USA

Program Overview:

CISAustralia is dedicated to providing Australians innovative, high quality overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth and developing engaged world citizens.

Program Dates: Varies between programs

Open To: Undergraduate students

Application Deadline: varies; check the CISAustralia website for details

Eligibility: completion of 18 units with an overall GPA of 5.0, or completion of 36 units with an overall GPA of 4.0; formal credit letter from course coordinator and College Office.

How to apply: 

Step 1 Check eligibility with Flinders University

  • Check if you meet eligibility to study overseas as a Flinders student. Note some CISAustralia programs may have additional requirements.
  • Academic results can be an unofficial transcript or printable version of your results from the Student System.

Step 2   Obtain a credit letter

>>> Scroll down and select "Request Support" at the bottom of the page

>>> Select Area>Enrolments and Enrolments Area>Credit from the drop down list to submit your request.

>>> Attach your study approval form and any other relevant documentation.

Step 3  Apply with CISAustralia

  • Submit a copy of your credit letter to CISAustralia to indicate that you obtained the approval from Flinders University and are ready to apply.
  • Follow CISAustralia application process.

Apply for financial assistance:

Once the College Office has approved your request and provided you with a credit letter, you can submit an online application for financial assistance through the Student System.

  • RA Simpson International Scholarship ($500) – applications for S1 2019 round open from 1 September 2018 - close 15 October 2018.
  • OS Help Loan ($6,665 if you will be studying outside of Asia or $7,998 if you will be studying in Asia for 2018).

Contact the Scholarships team via Ask Flinders for all financial assistance enquiries.

Flinders travel insurance:  

  • Flinders students are eligible to obtain Flinders travel insurance to study overseas.
  • Register online through the Student Travel Insurance Portal after you pay a deposit to CISaustralia.
  • Email the Risk and Insurance office or call on 8201 3793 if you have questions.

Get recognition for your international experience

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