Program Title: Medical Electives in the USA, UK and Canada

Program Location: USA, UK and Canada

Program Overview:

Year 4 students in the MD course have the opportunity to obtain placement for two elective terms in Australia or anywhere in the world provided that the term is considered to be appropriate and approved by the Year 4 Coordinator.

A number of $2,000 grants are available to students undertaking electives in the UK, Canada and USA.

Program Dates: available for Terms 1 to 6, 2017

Places Available: 4

Open To: The program is open to *eligible 4th year MD students.
* Students must be in good academic standing.  They must not have a directed term allocated to them as a result of an outstanding SWaP Committee issue or as a result of academic performance in year 3.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2017

  - Australian citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian permanent visa
  - Year 3 GPA will be obtained by the MCD office
  - Motivation statement must be provided with your application
  - Placement undertaken, approved or pending approval for Terms 1 to 6, 2017
  - Evidence of placement confirmation in one of the nominated countries

Credit: As per elective terms in the MD

Costs: STMP Grants are valued at $2,000 per student and are available to assist with related costs such as airfares; visas and other travel documentation; travel and personal health insurance; food; transport and other general expenses.

Students may also be eligible for an OS-HELP loan up to $6,567 – visit the Scholarships Office website for further details.

How to Apply:

To apply, please submit the following documentation to Lucy Gillam at

  - Student Elective Application form – a partially completed application form will be accepted as intention to apply
  - Email from intended placement provider confirming acceptance of planned elective term
  - Motivational statement (200 words) detailing expectations of the electives