Jabber Guest (Video Chat) will allow any student or other third party outside the University to have a video enabled telephone call with you, directly from their web browser, if they have a webcam, speakers and microphone.

All they need is the appropriate Jabber Guest link.

What can Jabber Guest do for you?

Students and or third parties can;

  • have a video call directly with you on your video enabled telephone or using Jabber
  • participate in a video conference with you and others

Other benefits

  • allows you to put names/voices to faces
  • the caller can show you something via video, maybe a form they are completing!
  • ability to observe visual expressions;
    • is the caller paying attention to you?
    • does the caller understand what you are communicating?

Getting Started

Jabber Guest is only a URL (Link).  The first time a calling party clicks the link, they will be required to install a web browser "plug-in".  This takes less than a minute and is only required the very first time.

Callers require the following to use Jabber Guest:

  • Internet connected device - laptop, desktop computer or mobile device
  • Plug-in installed
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Speakers


The URL (link) looks like:

https://dial.flinders.edu.au/call/email address


https://dial.flinders.edu.au/call/telephone extension

Example: The Flinders University Switchboard - the link would look like the following:



Example Use Cases

Email Signature -add your personal Jabber Guest URL to your email signature. You already advertise in your email signature; your email address, your phone/mobile number and your Jabber Guest URL can be included as well.

Video Chat button - add a button to your webpage. Picture this; a student is navigating the Flinders website; they decide they want to speak with somone for assistance. They click the "Video chat" button and a video call is established immediately from within their web browser. 

Elevate from a voice call to a video call - If you believe it would be easier to communicate with video and voice, just send the third party your personal link and re-establish the conversation. 

Job interviews - an interviewee unable to attend in person. Send them your Jabber Guest URL and they can have a video enabled discussion instead.


Self-help and User Guides