Visitor Wireless (Wi-Fi) Access


Visitors to the University campus are able to access the campus wireless service via a number of ways, including:

  • Using an existing login from an another institution login via the eduroam network;
  • Getting a Staff member to Sponsor them for a Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) login to access the wireless network and other IT services;
  • Utilising one of the University’s visitor portals to obtain access as a conference or event attendee or being sponsored for temporary wireless access. See below for further information.


Visitor Access Portals

The University has established two portals to enable campus visitors to access wireless internet services. The portals are currently available at Bedford Park, Victoria Square and Tonsley campuses. The diagram below summarises the methods allowing visitors to gain access to the wireless internet and portal that should be used in different scenarios with instructions below for each.


Visitor Portal

The visitor portal enables staff to sponsor a visitor’s access to the wireless network for up to 7 days. This is used for individuals that are visiting Tonsley, Victoria Square and Bedford Park campuses for a short period and who need access to the internet and the University’s public websites.

All visitor access to wireless must be sponsored by an existing continuing or fixed-term employee of the University who authorises access.

Visitor access can be obtained in two ways:

Option 1:  A visitor registers their details with the self-service portal once they arrive on campus by selecting the “Flinders Visitor” wireless network. Once registered a Staff member (identified by their email address) must login to approve the access request via the Sponsor page. 

 The video below shows the process for requesting access as a visitor.

 The video below shows the process of a staff member approving an access request.


Option 2:  A Staff is able to Sponsor a visitor in advance by entering the visitor’s contact information into the Sponsor page

The video below shows the process for provisioning access to multiple visitors.


Conference Portal

The Conference Portal is used by University staff to provision wireless internet access to a large number of visitors for campus events. The conference portal is only accessible from Bedford Park, Tonsley and Vic Square campuses and access is only provisioned under the following circumstances:

  • For events where more than 50 visitors require wireless internet access;
  • The event is related to the academic / research activities of the University;
  • A valid staff member is sponsoring the access and this person is responsible for the access code and it's use at a specific event;
  • The access to the conference portal is required for no longer than three days in total.

In order to provision access Staff are required to apply for a Conference Portal access code via the ITS Self Service Portal Request for a Conference Code . Please allow three business days to allow the code to be provisioned.

Once a code has been generated this can be shared with event attendees at the beginning of events. Attendees are required to connect to the “Flinders Conference” wireless network and enter the provided code when prompted.

Please note: Any minors requiring access to the conference portal during an event / conference will need to have the appropriate consent forms for internet access. Please Click Here to access the consent forms.


 Acceptable Use of Portals

Visitors like Staff also have certain obligations with regard to the authorisation and use of the Visitor Portals. 

Visitor Obligations

  • All visitors connecting to the University's wireless network must adhere to the following conditions of the University’s Acceptable Use of Technology Procedures (PDF) and must not use the wireless internet for:
    • Accessing any pornographic, racially insensitive and/or similar content;
    • Attempting to gain unauthorised access to other systems on the network;
    • Copying, downloading, storing or transmitting material which infringes copyright, including music files, movies, videos, or pirated software;
    • Conducting unauthorised commercial activities, for private or financial gain to a third party;
    • Sending junk-emails, for-profit messages, chain letters or unsolicited commercial emails (SPAM);
    • Violation of any of the above criteria will result in immediate disabling of access and denial of any future on-campus internet access.

While respecting a visitor’s right to privacy during use of internet services, the University reserves the right to monitor and record all visitor’s wireless internet access activity. 

Sponsor Obligations

As a Sponsor you are responsible for the internet access provided to the visitor. Access must only be provisioned according to the following guidelines:

  • Internet access should only be provided to a visitor for legitimate University educational or research purposes;
  • All Visitor access must adhere to the Acceptable Use of Technology Procedures (PDF)
  • As a sponsor you are also responsible for removing visitor access as soon as it is no longer required;
  • Internet access should only be provided to minors after you receive the appropriate consent forms.