Video Phones are the primary desk phone currently available to staff across all Flinders campuses, Cisco 9971 and 8865 are the available models currently being used by staff.


  • Large backlit, vibrant colour display with touchscreen
  • Programmable buttons for speed dial or line appearances
  • Speaker phone for hands-free communication
  • General telephony features such as teleconferencing, call pick up and call forwarding
  • Access to the My-Phone self-service portal to tailor your phone to your needs
  • Unity Voicemail which includes Single Inbox where voicemail messages are sent as a .wav file to your email inbox. Find out more via the  Single Inbox user guide (PDF 3MB)
  • Access to Jabber client

Extension Mobility

We are now creating User Device Profiles (UDP) for individual staff members to allow them to log into any Cisco 9971 phone on campus.  A UDP enables staff to work in different locations and easily move their allocated extension number with them.  If a request to make a name change is received we will create a UDP for the new person as all the staff member's details are contained in the profile.  For details of the log in process, see Extension Mobility Login (PDF 207KB)


Phone Accessories

There are a number of accessories which are compatible with the Cisco 9971/8865 Video Phones.  These include headsets (wireless and wired), expansion modules to enable more line appearances on your phone and a Bluetooth speaker unit for conference calls.  For more information, see Phone Accessories .

Self-help and User Guides