Flinders University currently provides two models of IP telephones, the Cisco 7841 phone for shared spaces and the Cisco 9971 Video desk phone.  The shared space phone can be wall mounted and used in teaching spaces, common spaces and general student areas.  The Video Desk phone is the primary phone for staff.


For more information, click on the relevant image below.


Other phone models

There are additional phone models used in areas across the University and at Remote Sites.  For information and support on other phone models click here .


Cordless Phones

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to supply, and in turn support, cordless phones. What we can do is provide the necessary analogue line to be used in conjunction with this type of handset.

You can purchase a cordless handset from any relevant retail outlet however, confirm that the phone operates in the 1.8Ghz range to ensure there is no interference with the University's wireless network.

Cordless phones that operate in the 5.8Ghz and 2.4Ghz range may interfere with the wireless network so should be avoided.


Telephone Billing

You can view your monthly call charges through J-Tel (FleetManager)