To achieve an immersive experience the connected participants at remote sites are displayed on screen in true life size format to simulate live discussion across a table. Voice activated camera switching maintains a face to face real time experience between all parties.

Locate a room

Education Building

  • Room 4.27, Seats 8, Outlook booking name: EHL - Meeting EDU 4.27 

Engineering Building

  • Room 4.34, Seats 8, Outlook booking name: U_ENGR_434_Meeting Room_16 

Health Sciences Building

  • Room 3.26, Seats 12, Outlook booking name: U_HLTH_3.26_Meeting Room_12

Physical Sciences Building

  • Room 0300, Seats 6, Outlook booking name: Resource - ITS - Cisco Telepresence Suite

Sturt Buildings

  • Room N201, Seats 12, Outlook booking name: U_STN_N201_Meeting Room_12 

Book a conference

All video conferences must be booked through the Flinders University TMS booking system. A once off booking can be made by calling the ITS Service Desk on 12345 and selecting Option 2.

To avoid delays, please provide the following details:

• Conference name & date

• Start & End time

• Name of local Flinders room/site

• Remote site connection details

Staff that regularly schedule conferences or require multiple conference bookings, can be granted access to the TMS booking system. This access can be provided by contacting the ITS Service Desk on 12345. 

Assistance and Support