Recording a WebEx meeting is a great way to share meeting content with invitees who could not make the meeting or with other interested colleagues.

WebEx recordings will be deleted from the WebEx server one month after the meeting is held. It is the responsibility of the host to relocate the recording to an appropriate storage space.

To view the quick reference guide, click  Recording with WebEx (PDF 375KB)


Watch a meeting recording

To watch a WebEx meeting recording you MUST firstly download the WebEx Network Recording Player. You can download the WebEx Network Recording Player for a Windows or Mac computer. Choose the appropriate player from the following links:


WebEx Network Recording Player for Windows

WebEx Network Recording Player for Mac


WebEx recordings for external parties

WebEx hosts can download a recording for distribution to external parties, however it requires conversion to a useable format that can be played outside of the WebEx platform.  This can be done using the WebEx network recording player.

After installing the WebEx network player the following instuctions will guide you through the conversion process. 

WebEx Recording Conversion (PDF 84KB)