WebEx is an online video and audio enabled meeting place that allows you to meet with anyone, anywhere, in real time by using a web browser on your computer or mobile device, including iPad, iPhone or Andriod. 

What can WebEx do for you?

  • Allows you to host or join a meeting using a web browser;
  • Allows content and desktop sharing of documents;
  • Participants can collaborate using chat, video or audio;
  • Send email invitations to all participants both internal and external with meeting details pre-populated;
  • Record a meeting which you can view up to a month afterwards;
  • Integration with Outlook calendar for easier scheduling of meetings (not available on Apple Mac computers);
  • Meetings can be scheduled via Flinders WebEx (login using firstname.lastname@flinders.edu.au);
  • Phone participation for users without internet or video capabilities.

For more information watch this video

Getting Started

You can schedule and join a meeting via Flinders WebEx and log in using your email address (firstname.lastname@flinders.edu.au). 

Otherwise you can do the same thing from your desktop or Microsoft Outlook by downloading and installing the WebEx Productivity Tools. Unfortunately, the productivity tools are not available for Apple Mac computers. 

Installing the WebEx Productivity Tools

The productivity tools will be installed automatically to staff computers, but if they are not, simply click  Installing WebEx (PDF 550KB)  for instructions to download, install and configure the tools. It only takes a few minutes to install and no reboot is required.


Self-help and User Guides