The Central Equipment Fund (CEF) has been established to manage the desktop and laptop computer fleet for the Professional Divisions of the University.

Managed by Information & Digital Services (IDS), the CEF is available to all business units in the Professional Divisions to fund the purchase of new and replacement computers.

To log a request for new or replacement staff computer from CEF click here.


To log a request for IDS to contact you and discuss new or replacement student computers in your Division click here.


Program Guidelines

  • There is one (1) computer per Professional Division staff member.
  • Computers are scheduled for replacement every four (4) years. If a Division seeks an early replacement, IDS will make an assessment based on the requirement of the position, technical aspect and available funds.
  • As a default the CEF provides Business Standard Computers. Requests for non-standard computers will require justification and support from the staff member’s Manager and will need approval from the Associate Director, Infrastructure Services.
  • Requests for Business Standard laptops are approved if the Manager can confirm the staff member is part of an on-call roster or are highly mobile within their role.
  • Requests to change to an alternative device type require justification, the Manager’s support and approval from the Associate Director, Infrastructure Services.
  • The replacement cycle of monitors and laptop docking stations is not tied to the associated computer. Monitor and laptop docking station lifecycles may be extended as determined by IDS.
  • Staff in newly created positions may be offered new hardware, or available and appropriate hardware still within its scheduled life.
  • If a staff member departs and the position is filled by a new appointment, the new staff member will be expected to use the previous staff member’s computer and will receive a replacement when that computer reaches the end of its scheduled life.
  • Student computers in the Library, Student Hub, Student Centre and Victoria Square are covered by the CEF and are scheduled for replacement every five (5) years. Student computers in other areas, including labs, are not currently covered by the CEF and are the responsibility of the faculty or school.
  • Devices not covered by the CEF will remain the responsibility of Divisions to fund, including additional devices per person, printers, mobile phones, scanners, additional monitors and other accessories.

Exemptions to the Program Guidelines are at the discretion of the Director, Information & Digital Services, or as delegated.