Computer Purchasing Guide

  • Flinders University has preferred supplier agreements with Dell and Apple for desktop and laptop computers.
  • Staff computers should be purchased with an expected lifecycle of four (4) years.
  • There is one computer per staff member. If there is a requirement for mobility or work from home, then a laptop should be selected.
  • Colleges and Administrative Divisions should select a computer model based on job requirements.
  • A list of standard Windows computer models is published to the IDS webpage.
  • Monitors and laptop docking stations are not tied to the associated computer and where applicable can be re used with a new computer.
  • Computers in shared service areas such as student areas and computer laboratories should be purchased with an expected lifecycle of five (5) years.
  • All computers and tablets must be purchased through IDS.
  • All retired computers must be returned to IDS for disposal. This will ensure all data and software is erased and hardware is disposed through an accredited E-waste service.