Keeping your Windows 10 PC Up to Date


If you are running Windows 10 on your PC, you'll need to make sure it's kept up to date. This note tells you how. Microsoft has changed the way Windows is updated. Instead of releasing a new version every few years, Microsoft now delivers incremental upgrades for Windows 10 every 6 months (every March and September). Microsoft calls this "Windows as a Service".

You'll see a dialog box like the following pop up when your PC is ready to be upgraded.

You don’t have to upgrade your PC when you see this message. You can choose to schedule it for a time when you know you won’t be using your PC (up to 4 weeks in advance!). You may find that, because a typical upgrade only takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete, a lunch break is a perfect time to set the upgrade running. You’ll receive an email once your upgrade is complete. Alternatively, you can pick a day where you plan to leave your computer in your office, and schedule the upgrade to happen after hours. 

If you choose to not upgrade your PC before its deadline, you’ll still be prompted to upgrade eventually (with an option to postpone for up to 24 hours). This is because, as your PC uses services that are shared across the University network, we need to make sure your computer continues to receive security and performance updates.

The advantages of upgrading your Windows 10 PC using this new approach are:

  • Your computer is kept safe. All security patches are applied when you need them, and all your applications, settings, and data are preserved.

  • You get access to new Windows features as soon as you need them. The changes to features are incremental rather than dramatic, so they're easier to adapt to.

  • The upgrades are much smaller, so they can be applied more quickly.

  • Windows 10 PCs are kept more 'similar' to each other, making it easier for users (and apps!) to move from one PC to another.



So please keep an eye out for the Windows 10 upgrade prompt when you see it, and set the upgrade going at a time of your own choosing!


Upgrading to Windows 10

During 2016 Flinders University commenced an early adoption program for Windows 10.

This provided a modern environment with improved performance and has helped to standardise our Windows operating system across the university.


Deployment Stages

1 Student areas at Bedford Park, Tonsley and Victoria Square.    COMPLETED We have upgraded approximately 1,800 PCs  to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition in more than 40 spaces across the campuses.
2 Teaching Spaces at Bedford Park, Tonsley and Victoria Square. COMPLETED We have upgraded approximately 290 PCs to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition in numerous Teaching Spaces across the campuses.
3 Staff areas IN PROGRESS Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) is now available for all staff. You can upgrade via the IDS Support Portal.
4 Remote sites IN PROGRESS Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) is now available to all staff at remote sites (excluding Darwin). You can upgrade via the IDS Support Portal.


Windows 10 Known Issues


Inconsistent deployment behaviour with printer queues and configuration of a default printer. No available printers appear on the computer. For computers that do have printers available, it may not have   the correct default printer selected  Resolved  
Files downloaded in Microsoft   Edge cannot be opened from within the browser. When attempting to open or run the downloaded file, it will indicate the file ‘might have been moved or deleted’. Resolved  
HP Records Manager (HPRM 8.1) used at Flinders is not compatible with Office 2016 HPRM plugins in Office 2016 do not work Known Issue Central Records staff have tested the HPRM Clients.At this stage users of HPRM can upgrade to Windows 10, however the option to upgrade to Office 2016 will be unavailable.