The University manages a number of computers on campus which implement a standard set of security protections to prevent computer viruses, spyware and minimise computer hacking. However, many users choose to bring their devices and connect them to the University network.

Security software such as anti-virus and anti-malware is an important means of ensuring personal computers are properly protected from internet threats. Under the Acceptable Use of Technology Procedures (PDF) the University requires that all personal computers connected to the campus network have anti-virus software installed and updated to ensure a consistent and secure user experience.

If you connect your computer to the campus network you are responsible for ensuring that you have anti-virus installed, enabled and up to date to protect your computer and other computers on the campus network

There are number of free anti-virus software solutions available depending on your operating system, links are provided below:



Apple Mac OS X


  • ClamAV (Versions for major distributions available)
  • Commodo Antivirus (Versions for major distributions available)