Below are some tips for protecting your mobile devices while travelling overseas.

Preparing for your trip

  • Review the University Travel Policy and the Global Roaming information.
  • If travelling overseas then ensure you review the   Overseas Travel Security Directive.pdf (PDF 249KB)  and adhere to the advice
  • Find out if countries you are visiting are considered 'high risk'. Look at the travel guidance for that country and register your travel plans with Smart Traveller.
  • Notify ITS if you are travelling with a University device containing sensitive data.
  • Always any sensitive information from your device that you don't need before travelling.

While travelling

  • Don't check-in IT equipment. Take it as carry-on luggage.
  • Avoid using public workspaces or untrusted insecure wi-fi networks as these could be able to monitor your activity. If you require access, do not enter any usernames, passwords or other sensitive information.
  • Use the Flinders Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you are required to access any sensitive information.
  • Be diligent in protecting your device against theft or loss.
  • If your device is stolen or lost notify ITS immediately.