What happens to my OneDrive for Business data when I leave or my contract expires with the University?

Similar to University email, all OneDrive files are retained in legal hold ongoing. This means that even if files are deleted, or a user's association with the University ends, the University can recover such files.
The recovery of such files is only done if the request conforms to the Email and Electronic Data Access Procedure

Why should I use OneDrive for Business over Dropbox or GoogleDrive?

Good question. OneDrive for Business is the University’s approved and supported cloud file storage platform. We have reviewed the service extensively under our cloud certification program. This process provides you with assurance that your data is properly protected to a level that matches the protection of our IT systems hosted on campus. You can also access your OneDrive via FAN login and as such we are able to help you protect your account and notify you if we think someone has accessed your account and take steps to protect you. The level of data protection provided by OneDrive for Business also ensures that you will be able to get back documents you have accidentally deleted or written over. These same protections are not provided by Dropbox and GoogleDrive alternatives, especially those that are provided for free as these are designed for storing and sharing personal files with family and friends.

Do I need to Synchronise my files between OneDrive for Business Cloud and my laptop / desktop computer?

No. You can use OneDrive on your laptop  / desktop computer through your web browser. If you have a mobile device, you can also use the OneDrive app (iOS , Android) and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps, which are all integrated with OneDrive for Business.

You only need to synchronise your files when you are working without an Internet connection and need access to your files.

If you need to synchronise your files, please ensure you have enough hard disk space on your local laptop / desktop before syncing.

Which file types and names are not supported?

File names and paths are limited to 256 characters and certain file name characters are not supported. Microsoft is currently working to provide this support. 

Is OneDrive for Business secure?

When your data is in transit, it is encrypted using 2048 bit keys as data moves between you and the Microsoft data centre hosting your OneDrive for Business site and vice-versa.

When data is at rest (stored) at the Microsoft Data Centre, it is also encrypted at a disk-level using BitLocker and at a file-level using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys.

For additional information about how encryption works to protect your data, please refer to “Data Encryption for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.” 

How do I set my Time and Language settings in OneDrive?

Step Instructions Image
1  Navigate to your Okta Dashboard and select the OneDrive App  
 2 On your OneDrive page in the right-top corner select 'Settings' and click on 'Site Settings'  
 3  Select Regional Settings  
4 Set your Timezone to '(UTC+9:30) Adelaide'  
5 Set your Locale to 'English (Australia)'  

Where can I find additional 'How-To'guidance about OneDrive for Business?

If you require additional 'how-to' guidance, please send an email to IT Service Desk . In the email please provide a brief outline about the use case you are trying to achieve.

Alternatively, you can find additional guidance on the Microsoft OneDrive Support website.