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To setup an Office 365 group login into your Okta Dashboard and select the OneDrive app icon.

On the OneDrive screen select (+) to create a Office 365 Group.



Enter the required details that conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Team Site Name: Must reflect the usage or project name that they will represent;
  2. Privacy Settings: Private must be selected to prevent accidental sharing of files with non-group members;
  3. Team Site Description: Please provide a brief description about the group;
  4. Team Site Classification: Please select from the list provided, the appropriate / closest classification of the data that will be stored in this group.

Click 'Next' to continue.


Additional reference of the above guidelines can be found at Office 365 Group Management Guidelines


1. Additional Owners should added to an Office 365 group to minimise potential for loss of access should one owner be unavailable;

2. Enter all members who will need access to this Office 365 group. Each member will have access to all resources available to the group.

 4. On completion of the Office 365 Group setup, you will be directed to a group overview screen. To view the resources available to group, click on 'Group Conversations'.  
 5. On this screen you can view all the resources applicable to group. It is recommended that you bookmark this link for direct access.