What is XenApp?

XenApp is a Citrix product that will directly replace our current Citrix environment known as Flingate.


Why is Flinders University Upgrading?

Citrix Presentation Server (Flingate) is now extremely old in computing terms. Software reaches an end of life both in terms of support from vendors, usability and maintainability. Flingate has reached these limits and is being replaced as a matter of course.


How do I access my Citrix applications now?

The method to access your applications is similar to how you access your Citrix applications currently, however the method is not exactly the same initially.

You will have the following options available.

  1. Access from a web site – https://xenapp.flinders.edu.au
  2. Access from a citrix receiver
  3. Access using the start menu

If you use a University supplied laptop or desktop, you will need to install the latest Citrix receiver from the ITS Support Portal. This Citrix Receiver will be available to install from the 2nd of June 2016. Instructions on how to install the receiver from the ITS Support Portal page are at the end of this document. All Flingate users will need to update by June 30th 2016.

More information on accessing your applications after you upgrade is available on our Getting Started page.


Can I use my old desktop Icons?

No, these icons/shortcuts point to a Citrix environment that will be decommissioned on the 30th of June 2016. While you may be able to execute the applications up to the 30th of June, the applications will either not run or will not run correctly.

If you are on a Microsoft Windows desktop image created by Flinders University then you will see the Icons in the Start Menu under Citrix Applications.


How long do the applications take to start?

This question is difficult to answer. It takes approximately 10 seconds to logon for every user plus the time it takes each individual application to start. So as an example, I try to run T1 Financials Production. It will take 10 seconds to logon and then an additional amount of time to start the T1 Finance application. From testing this can take between 15 to 20 seconds extra (sometimes longer depending on the server load). So in total I can expect to wait 30 seconds to actually be able to logon to the Financials application.


How do I access my applications?

You can open the Citrix Receiver icon by double clicking on it on your desktop (Windows) or from the Applications folder (Mac OS X):

You will then need to add applications using the + symbol on the left hand side.


You will see some folders underneath. Explore these folders to locate your applications and click on them to add them to your ‘desktop’:

On Windows, once you have added a few applications these will appear in your start menu for execution. Windows \ Start Menu \ Citrix Applications:


How do I create new Desktop Icons?

Citrix Xenapp will, by design, create a folder in your Windows Start Menu called Citrix Applications. These contain the links to launch your Citrix applications. The usual methods to copy them from the start menu to the desktop will apply.

The Mac OS X Citrix Receiver client does not create separate application icons and you will need to launch them through Receiver.


How can I install the new Citrix Receiver?

If you're using a Flinders provided Windows PC or Mac you can install Citrix Receiver through the ITS Support Portal using the instructions on our Installing Software page.

If you're using your own device please follow the instructions on the BYOD Support page.


I can’t see my history / folder / what I used to use in the old farm?

Unfortunately, due to the incompatibility of the old environment and the new environment, each user will get a fresh new Citrix profile. This means all settings, favourite locations, quick links etc will need to be set up again.


How do I fix the SSL error when trying to log in after upgrading to XenApp?

If you're receiving the error message below please see our Browser Plugins page for instructions to resolve it:


Further help

In you have any questions that aren't covered above or if you are experiencing issues with Citrix after the upgrade, please contact the ITS Service Desk on 12345 option 2 (internal) or 8201 2345 option 2 (external).