This guide is aimed at staff using ITS managed Windows PCs who are running Citrix Receiver the first time after upgrading.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Logon to your workstation as normal. 
  2. In your task bar at the bottom right hand corner you should see an icon like below

    Right click on the task bar icon and press Open. Or in your Start Menu, you will see the blow icon. Click on it to activate
  3. If Single Sign On is working correctly and this is the first time you have logged on to Citrix XenApp farm you should see this
  4. If you have logged on to Citrix previously in either the web reciever or another xenapp client your previous apps will show up.
  5. To add an application click on the plus sign
  6. Depending on what groups you are a member of will depend on what you see
  7. Click on one of the folders
    1. Production hosts all production applications
    2. NPE holds all development applications
    3. etc
  8. It will expand and show you applications grouped by relevant sections
  9. Click on the application and it will appear on the Receiver desktop
  10. To launch the application click on the desktop icon and it will start


  • The Citrix Receiver does not allow you to keep launch icons on your desktop as Program Neighbourhood does.