Provision of Email

The University provides email access for all staff and students. All accounts are generated automatically when staff members and students activate their FAN. Both systems are run on Microsoft’s Office 365 hosted service.

All users are allocated an email address created in the following format:

  • ( “abcd1234” is each unique FAN)

Staff (and some postgraduate students) also have an email alias in the following format:

  • (e.g.

Help and Support

For help to connect to email please refer to instructions for connecting to the email system.

If you require assistance, please contact the relevant IT support staff as follows:

Email quota information

Every staff account in the remote hosted Exchange server has a hard quota of 50GB, but we strongly recommend you keep your mailbox much smaller than that. Exchange recognizes the size of your entire mail store, whether one or many email folders, and including deleted items and sent items.

Whenever you log on to Outlook at a new computer (eg at a different location, a new laptop, or an upgraded computer) Exchange will set out to re-synchronise the email database which will involve downloading the contents of your mailbox to the new system. For very large mailboxes this may take from tens of minutes to hours.

There are limits on the sizes of emails and attachments that can be processed by the Exchange mail service. The message size total is 30MB including the email and any attachments. The individual attachment file size limit is 26MB (limit set on ForeFront AntiVirus by default). The file size is considered "pre-compression" because the AntiVirus extracts all zipped files to scan them.

Outlook - ITS preferred email client

Microsoft Outlook is the preferred email client for ITS supported customers - Outlook 2013 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Apple OS X.

Outlook must connect to the Microsoft remote hosted Exchange service to download and upload email. To connect to the Exchange server see these instructions:

Supported email clients

Supported clients for staff access to the remote hosted Exchange service are:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013 for Windows
  • Microsoft Outlook 2011/2016 for Apple Mac OS X
  • Outlook Web Access.

Modern versions of Apple mail will work with Exchange, but email, calendaring and contacts are separate applications so do not feature the same degree of integration.

Information on connecting these clients to the email services can be found here.

Email SMS

Email SMS enables you to send messages to any Australian mobile number, within Australia from your University email account. To find out about using Email SMS follow the below link:


About email services

Staff and Research Postgraduate Students

The University provides a staff email account for each member of general and academic staff, and every research postgraduate student. In addition, email accounts are provided for those with academic status and for members of University affiliated organisations. All email accounts are generated automatically as staff members accept employment with the University and as students become enrolled.

Email aliases are automatically generated for all staff. Postgraduate students can apply, by an email message to the ITS Service Desk to have an email alias created for them. These aliases are in the form: (eg, and on campus email can be sent without the trailing (

When working remotely, staff can access email via Outlook Web Access (OWA).  Your email address to log in to OWA is your (eg

Undergraduate Students, Honours Students and Coursework Postgraduate Students

The University provides an email account for students and these are generated automatically upon enrolment.  Student email addresses are in the form: where abcd1234 is your FAN.

Termination of Email

Information about email termination for staff and students.