If you ever forget your password, or are locked out of your account, Okta allows you to regain access yourself, provided you have set up self-service password reset in advance.

Using a secondary email address is a useful option when you cannot or do not wish to use your mobile phone number for self-service password reset - for example, if you do not have a mobile phone.

You can setup self-service password reset by entering or updating a secondary (personal) email address in the Okta Settings page. (You can't use a Flinders email address for self -service password reset, as if you're prevented from accessing your account, you're also prevented from accessing Flinders email!)

  1. Click on your first name as it appears in the menu bar of the Okta dashboard (okta.flinders.edu.au).
  2. Click on “Settings”.

  3. In the very first section - "Personal Information" - click "Edit".

  4. In the "Secondary email" field, enter an email address other than your Flinders one (eg a personal email address) and save the change.

NOTE: If you ever change your secondary email address, make sure you update it in Okta, as otherwise you won't be able to receive the email needed to reset your Flinders password.

Resetting Your Password with the Secondary Email Address

In future, if you ever find that you can’t access your account, you can regain access yourself, without the need to call anyone, or wait!

  • Under the "Sign In" button on the Okta login screen, click on "Need help signing in?" and choose "Forgot password?".

  • Enter your FAN where it says "Email or Username" and choose “Reset via Email”.

  • Okta sends an email with a link to your secondary email address.
  • Click on the link in the email.
  • Okta prompts you with the personal "forgot password" question you set during Okta setup.
  • Answer the question.
    • If the answer is not recognised, you may have typed it differently to how it's expected. If on the other hand you have forgotten the answer, you can't proceed: you will need to call your help desk to regain access to your account.
  • Follow the prompts to reset your password.