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  • Forgot Your FAN?

    You can retrieve it by re-activating your account at activate.flinders.edu.au

    A new browser window will open, prompting you for your activation information.

    If you are  still having trouble obtaining your FAN after trying this, let us know by filling in the following information.

  • Forgot Your Password?

    If you have registered a mobile number and / or secondary email address to help forgotten password recovery, you can visit the Okta password recovery  page and rest your password yourself. A new browser window will open. In the text box on that page, enter your FAN (not your email address). Your FAN and Okta Username are the same thing.

    If you haven't registered a mobile number or secondary email address, hence can't use Okta self-service to reset your password yourself, just continue filling in this form.

    Please enter the two mandatory fields FAN and Date of Birth, at least one other identifier (your SATAC Number, Student ID, or Student Card Number), and the other requested information, to speed up the password resetting process.

  • Can't Access an App?

    If you can sign in to Okta but don't have access to an app you expect (eg Mail, or Office 365), then just let us know the app name by filling in the form.

    It may simply be that we have not yet assigned the app to you.

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