Okta has a mobile app that you can install and use.

You can obtain and install the Okta Mobile app for your device from the device vendor’s app store. All the applications on your normal Okta dashboard become available on the device, displayed using your device’s web browser. This gives you Okta on the go!

The process for installing and configuring Okta Mobile is:

  1. Download the Okta Mobile app from the app store (it’s free).
    1. For the Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) app, visit the Apple App Store.
    2. For the Android (phone and tablet) app, visit Google Play.
    3. If you see an Okta Verify app, don't download it – it’s not needed at this time (see below).
  2. When started the first time, Okta Mobile will prompt you for:
    1. Site name – enter it so it reads “flinders.okta.com”.
    2. Username – just enter your FAN (not the email address).
    3. Password – enter your FAN password.
    4. PIN – set a 4-character PIN code to protect access to your University apps.

The PIN code in the last step can be any 4-digit number.

When opening the Okta Mobile app after you've finished configuring it, the app will remember the site name, your FAN, and password, so all you'll be prompted for is the PIN you set. Once you're in, all your Okta single sign on applications will be available immediately.

A caveat: An Okta application will work within your device's browser, but may not be optimised for display on a smaller device. This is under the control of the application developer / vendor. Apart from the sign in method, Okta doesn’t change the application in any way.

Okta Verify App

If there’s an “Okta Verify” app on your device vendor’s app store for your phone, please don’t install this. It is for so-called multi factor authentication when accessing highly confidential or sensitive sites. We haven’t set up multi factor authentication yet (but it is forthcoming!).

It works similarly to online banking – you identify your phone as a device you own, and when needed during application sign in via FAN and password, Okta will send a second request for authentication to your phone via SMS. You enter the code from your phone into the application, and you’re granted access.