About Office 365

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based email and software service managed by Microsoft. It provides students and staff with Flinders email addresses, as well as access to standard Microsoft productivity applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (available online, as well as for download).

When Microsoft makes new products available, the University can often access these at no additional cost.

A Change to Office 365

What is changing?

The University currently has two Office 365 environments (known as "tenants") - one for students, the other for staff. These were installed at different times. The two Office 365 environments will be merged into one single environment.

Why is the change happening?

The two Office 365 environments are managed separately, which is more complex (for the University and for Microsoft) than managing a single environment.

Also, part of our technical environment supporting Office 365 on campus is at end of life, and cannot be supported by Microsoft.

The upgrade will result in a consistent Office 365 experience for both staff and students.

When is the change happening?

The Office 365 environments will be merged from 10 April 2017. The change will be completed before the resumption of the semester on 24 April 2017.

There is a small chance that you may experience a short interruption to your Office 365 access whilst the change is applied to your account. You should be able to access Office 365 again if you try a few minutes later.

Impact of the Change

What will the change mean for me?

If you are a student, your email address will change. It will be FAN@flinders.edu.au instead of FAN@uni.flinders.edu.au.

The University will only be using one Office 365 environment, so only a single email address format can be used. An advantage of the single address format is that during your life at Flinders, you will have one single email address, whether you're a student, or staff, or move between the two.

If you are a staff member, your staff email address will not change.

There will be several new icons on your Flinders dashboard (Okta). You will no longer see an icon for 'Student Mail' or 'Staff Mail'; instead there will be just the one 'Mail' icon. In addition, you will see new icons for other Office 365 online versions of standard tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

What will happen to all my old emails, contacts, and calendars?

Don't worry - you won't lose any personal data. We're migrating all your old data to the new email address.

Any email sent to your old FAN@uni.flinders.edu.au email address will be automatically forwarded to your new FAN@flinders.edu.au email address once the change has been implemented.

We'll also be archiving your old data, which will be available on request for a period of 6 months from date of conversion, just in case.

Is there anything I will need to do?

If you're a staff member:

  • You won’t need to do anything, as your Flinders account is already in the 'target' Office 365 environment.

If you're a student:

  • Note the change in your Flinders email address.
  • Let your contacts know that your Flinders email address has changed.
  • If you subscribe to online services using your Flinders email address, make sure you update your sign in to use your new Flinders email address.
  • Reconfigure Flinders email accounts on any computers or devices you have with your new FAN@flinders.edu.au address, if required.
  • Check that any forwarding rules you set up in your email account still work. If you have any other (non-Flinders) email accounts that point to FAN@uni.flinders.edu.au, you will still receive your mail, but you should change the pointed-at address to FAN@flinders.edu.au.

I'm a student who's already using my email in the format FAN@flinders.edu.au. It seems to work fine. What's going on?

Your email address is changing “behind the scenes”. In our system it is actually recorded as FAN@uni.flinders.edu.au, but the system translates this to FAN@flinders.edu.au, which is how you may know it.

So in your case nothing is visibly changing. You can just keep using FAN@flinders.edu.au.

However, if you access email from your own computer or personal device, you would have configured this to use FAN@uni.flinders.edu.au. If you did that, you will need to update your email address on your computer(s) / device(s).

I'm a student who manages an Office 365 Group for collaborating with a team. What's happening with this?

You'll need to contact Information Technology Services. The new Office 365 environment will remove the Groups feature from student access, as it is not widely used.

If you'd like to collaborate with other students and academic teaching staff, the best place to do this is FLO.

What else is changing with this Office 365 upgrade? Is FLO affected, for example?

You should not notice any change to FLO, or other University application. Email in FLO should work as before.

After the Change

I access my email just using the Flinders dashboard (Okta). Can I still access my email this way?

Yes. In fact, this is the easiest way to access your Flinders email account! It will work without you having to do anything.

I use a PC / Mac / device email tool to access my Flinders email. Can I still use that?

If you're a staff member, the answer is yes. The Office 365 upgrade does not affect your email account.

If you're a student, you'll need to reconfigure your email tool to accept your new Flinders email address FAN@flinders.edu.au.

Unless you do this, after your new email address is active, you won't receive new messages in your email tool. However, you'll always be able to see the new messages and all your old emails if you use 'Mail' on your Flinders dashboard (Okta).

You should reconfigure every device you've previously set up with your new Flinders email address.

I need help configuring my PC / Mac / device to access mail using my new Flinders email account. Where do I go?

Refer to the online help Flinders Email Setup.

When semester restarts, visit IT Support in Flinders Connect in the Library. They'll help you through the process of setting up email on your device(s).

If you're in the Northern Territory, contact the IT team on your campus.

In the meantime, you can always just use your Flinders dashboard (Okta) to access your email.

I downloaded and installed Microsoft Office on my PC / Mac from the Office 365 site, using my old email address. Will I still be able to access Microsoft Office on my computer after my email address has changed?

Yes. At some point in the future, Microsoft Office on your local computer will check that your account is still valid, and ask you to reactivate the product with your email address. You will just need to enter your new email address FAN@flinders.edu.au and Microsoft Office will keep on working.

I'm trying to install Microsoft Office on my PC / Mac (downloaded from the Office 365 site). How do I activate the license when I'm asked?

Just type in your new email address FAN@flinders.edu.au and the installation will proceed.

I've just tried to access my email for the first time after the change, and I was prompted to set a time zone before I could see my mail. Why is this?

As part of the upgrade, your email account was transitioned to a new mailbox on a different Office 365 system. The first time you access the new Office 365 system, you are prompted to set the time zone manually. This only needs to be done once.

Why have I lost some items in my junk mail folder after the change?

As part of the upgrade not all junk mail was brought across.