Configuring EndNote to use FindIt@Flinders

Endnote version 7 and later are "OpenURL enabled". With this function EndNote can connect to the FindIt@Flinders server to check to see if the Flinders University library holds the particular reference.

Choose your version form the list below;

Endnote version 7, 8 and 9

To enable the function, from the Edit menu choose Preferences, then select OpenURL (or Links and URLs in Endnote X2).
Click the box labeled Enable OpenURL. The grey text will now appear normally.


By default, EndNote is using a demonstration OpenURL server called 1Cate. Replace the OpenURL Path with the FindIt@Flinders address "".

Click on the OK button to confirm the changes.

Using EndNote with FindIt@Flinders

To check for full-text, you must first open a reference in your EndNote library.
Then click on References --> OpenURL Link.


FindIt@Flinders will report back to tell you what it has found.

In the example above, click on the preferred vendor to get the document.

Endnote version X

In Endnote version X4 and above, the OpenURL settings are under the "Full text preferences".

To enter Find Full Text preferences:

  • From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  • Select the Find Full Text panel.
    This panel determines which methods are used when searching for full text articles. By default, ISI Web of Knowledge Full Text Links, DOI, and OpenURL are selected. PubMed LinkOut is also available, but may slow performance.
  • To search Flinders library, make sure OpenURL is selected, and enter the Flinders' OpenURL Path
  • In the Authenticate with URL box, enter the URL, (this is only necessary if you are offsite or within the FMC).

To Check for full text, select a citation in your library, right click, and select Find Full Text.

The first time you will be prompted for a login and then presented with a copyright notice.

Endnote will then search for full text and display the progress in the Left hand panel.

If full text PDF version is found, the document will be attached to the citation in your EndNote library.