Purpose of this Policy

To define and describe the purpose and content of the Flinders Academic Commons (FAC).
To be a public document guiding readers and contributors to the FAC.

Responsibility for this Policy

eResearch@Flinders drafts this policy for review and approval by Library Senior Executive.
Any appeals for exceptions or alterations to this policy will be considered by the Executive on an ad hoc basis.

Purpose of the Flinders Academic Commons

  • To showcase Flinders University digital research outputs and other scholarly material across all subjects and disciplines.
  • To make Flinders University digital research outputs and other scholarly material freely availalbe and discoverable wherever possible.
  • To assist Flinders University researchers and academics manage their research material by providing a secure and long term archive.
  • To provide support to Flinders University in meeting Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) requirements.

Authorised contributors

Authorised contributors to the FAC are:

  • Academic and professional staff of Flinders University
  • Research Higher Degree students of Flinders University
  • Other authors/creators affiliated with Flinders University.

Scope of the collection

The Flinders Academic Commons is a collection of digital research outputs and other scholarly material made available on an open access basis wherever possible.

All items in the Flinders Academic Commons must have a link to Flinders University in some way, whether they be the research outputs of academic staff, or joint projects with other organisations to make research materials available. All items in the FAC must have been produced as part of the work for which the contributor is employed at Flinders University.

For all contributors this might include but is not limited to:

  • Journal articles (publishers’ versions as copyright law allows, or accepted versions)
  • Conference papers
  • Working papers
  • Reports

The scope of the collection does not include learning objects.

Organisation of the collection

The collection is divided into subsets of:

Collaborative Research Resources -- Archive resources related to Flinders collaborative projects or which were/will be created with some involvement of Flinders staff.

eJournals -- Journals published by Flinders University.

Flinders Digital Archive -- Scholarly work of Flinders staff which is not appropriate for one of the above categories.

Research Flagships, Centres and Institutes -- to capture the research outputs from these groups.

Research Publications -- Research outputs by Flinders staff reportable under the Australian Research Council's (ARC) Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative.

Deposit requirements

Submission of material into the repository is voluntary, with the exception of research outputs required for reporting purposes or funder requirements.

The preferred format for deposit into the FAC is PDF. The depository should understand that the deposited work may be translated to another format or copied to another medium, if deemed necessary for preservation and enduring accessibility.

Material should not be deposited if it:

  • is intended for commercialisation
  • contains confidential information
  • would infringe a legal obligation of the author, institution or a third party
  • contains a cultural sensitivity


Each item in the repository is deposited on the understanding that the contributor:

-- owns the copyright, or
-- has permission from the copyright owner to deposit the item.

  • Where necessary, FAC staff will check that the publisher allows for author self-archiving before uploading material and ensure that all conditions (including embargo periods) are met.
  • Where copyright is unclear, the item will not be deposited.
  • For more information about the licence required for deposit into the FAC, see Contributor's license.
  • Items may also be made subject to a Creative Commons Licence which applies to readers/end users. For more information see Creative Commons.
  • All items in the FAC are made available to readers/end users for academic/non-commercial purposes only.

Use and access

It is intended that the majority of material will be open access, that is, available freely on the internet without conditions or cost.

Access to the full documents of some material may be restricted if copyright permissions are in doubt or unavailable.

If restrictions apply, details about the item may be accepted under conditions such as for file completeness or to fulfil reporting obligations.

Withdrawal policy

The FAC is an archive facility, and items will only be withdrawn if:

  • inclusion is in violation of copyright law, or
  • an application to withdraw is approved by Library Senior Executive.

Review of this Policy

The policy will be reviewed by the Committee biannually, or as needed.

Policy endorsed: November 2008.

Updated by Amanda Nixon, Liz Walkley Hall and Kerylie van Zijl
June 2009.

Revised Amanda Nixon and Liz Walkley Hall

Revised Liz Walkley Hall
August 2015.