Format Support Policy

  • Supported: FAC supports this format. There is a high likelihood that its content, appearance, and functions will be preserved over time.
  • Known: FAC recognizes this format but cannot guarantee its support over time.
  • Not Supported: FAC does not recognize this format. At best, the bitstream will be preserved but not appearance or functionality.

Format Support Levels

NameExtensionsMIME TypeSupport Level
Unknown   application/octet-stream unknown
Adobe PDF pdf application/pdf supported
AIFF aiff, aif, aifc, iff audio/x-aiff supported
audio/basic au, snd audio/basic known
AutoCAD dwg   known
AutoCAD Exchange Format dfx   known
AutoCAD Internet Files dwf   known
AVI avi video/x-msvideo known
BMP bmp image/x-ms-bmp known
DejaVu djv   known
FMP3 fm application/x-filemaker known
GIF gif image/gif supported
HTML htm, html text/html supported
JPEG jpeg, jpg image/jpeg supported
LateX latex application/x-latex known
MARC   application/marc supported
Mathematica ma application/mathematica known
Microsoft Word doc application/msword known
Microsoft Powerpoint ppt application/ known
Microsoft Excel xls application/ known
Microsoft Project mpp, mpx, mpd application/ known
Microsoft Visio vsd application/vnd.visio known
Microsoft Access mdb application/vnd.mdb known
MPEG mpeg, mpg, mpe video/mpeg known
MPEG Audio mpa, abs, mpega audio/x-mpeg known
Photo CD pcd image/x-photo-cd known
Photoshop psd, pdd application/x-photoshop known
PNG png image/png supported
Postscript ps, eps application/postscript supported
RealAudio ra, ram audio/x-pn-realaudio known
RealVideo ra, ram video/x-pn-realvideo known
RTF rtf, rtx text/richtext supported
SGML sgm, sgml application/sgml known
sid sid   known
TeX tex application/x-tex known
TeX dvi dvi application/x-dvi known
Text txt, asc text/plain supported
TIFF tiff, tif image/tiff supported
Video Quicktime mov, qt video/quicktime known
WAV wav audio/x-wav known
WordPerfect wpd application/wordperfect5.1 known
XML xml text/xml supported

What To Do If Your Format Is Not Listed

Please contact the FAC if you have questions about a particular format.

The text in this document was sourced from the KU ScholarWorks Site 7, 2005