Flinders Learning Online (FLO) & Email Help and Support for Students


You can access the FLO Student Support Materials by going to FLO Student Support.

The FLO Student Helpdesk can be contacted by e-mailing flo.student@flinders.edu.au, by telephoning 1300 FLINDERS (1300 354 633), or by using our online form.

The FLO Helpdesk is located on Level 1 of the Central Library, Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5pm. When the FLO Helpdesk is closed, FLO help can be obtained at the Library Information Desk also on Level 1 of the Central Library.

The FLO Student Helpdesk can answer non-course related questions. For example, we can help if you are having difficulty accessing FLO, with your FAN or password, or you are unsure how to use the tools within FLO, such as mail, quiz and discussions.

Course related questions should be directed to your lecturer or course coordinator.