24 hour computing facility

There is a 24 hour computing facility available, located on the plaza below the entrance to the Central Library. It contains PCs providing a full set of Microsoft Office applications, access to the Internet and Library applications.

Remember to bring your own file storage medium or email your work to yourself as the hard disk drive space is not permanent. See File Storage and Computers in the Library for more details.


The 24 hour computing facility can be accessed from from the plaza by card access.

You will need to register your student/staff ID card by filling out the online form and emailing it to security . Access will then be available to you in 2 working days.

Please note that access to the computer lab is only available with the new style ID card. If you need a new card, or are unsure which type of card you have, please contact the Central Library ID card counter.

Click here for instructions on printing from the 24 hour facility.


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