Library Computers - Conditions of Use

The computers located in the Library are provided for use solely in connection with studies in University topics.

The use of the Library Computers is governed by the Rules of Use of Computer Facilities applicable to staff and students of the Flinders University as published in Section A1 part B of the University Calendar.

In particular attention is drawn to the following misuses of Library Computers:

  1. downloading or accessing the following items through the Internet
    1. games
    2. executable programs (Eg., .com or .exe files)
    3. anything deemed to be unrelated to studies or official work of the Flinders University
  2. unauthorised operation or use of any item of equipment or software;

  3. abusing or physically damaging computers and peripheral equipment;

  4. unauthorised interference with any item of equipment or attempting to change, copy, or interfere with software, data or files which belong to another person;

  5. removing materials supplied or produced in the facilities, other than materials supplied or produced for or by the user;

  6. divulging to any other person (whether they are a student of the University or not) the password associated with a user's computer account. Every user will be held personally responsible for any and all activity conducted through their computer account;

  7. failing to log out when leaving a computer where there is no intention on the part of the user to return to it and where there is reasonable likelihood that the computer may be used by others before the automatic logout procedure is initiated (after 10 minutes of inactivity);

  8. gaining access to another user's electronic mailbox or computer account or reading another person's electronic mail;

  9. using the computer facilities to harass or threaten other users;

  10. sending any fraudulent electronic transmission;

  11. violating any software license agreement or copyright;