J.M. Main Bequest

Select list of holdings

Several thousand titles have been bought with funds from this Bequest, and in each book there is a bookplate acknowledging the Bequest.

Australian Joint Copying Project

The most significant purchase from the Bequest is the Australian Joint Copying Project (Microform Collection 994.005 A924).

Other books and periodicals

Some subject categories of material bought from the Bequest are:

Aboriginal history, e.g.

The Australian Abo call: the voice of the Aborigines. (1938)
Special Collection 306.08905 A9384

Brock, Peggy, 1948- .
Outback ghettos: Aborigines, institutionalisation and survival.
306.089 B864o

Calvert, Albert F., 1872-1946.
The Aborigines of Western Australia.
Special Collection 301.2994 C167

Pyke, William T.
Thirty years among the blacks of Australia: the life and adventures of William Buckley, the runaway convict. (1904)
Special Collection 994.5 M848.P

Archaeology, e.g.

Australasian historical archaeology.
Central Library Periodicals 994.005 A925

Newsletter (Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology)
930.105 A938

Aviation history, e.g.

Eather, Charles, 1920- .
Syd's pirates: a story of an airline.
387.7 E14s

Priest, Joan, 1920- .
Virtue in flying: a biography of pioneer aviator Keith Virtue.
629.1309 V819.P (URRSA 09804)

Australian art, e.g.

Allcot, John, 1888-1973.
John Allcot : Marine Artist.
Special Collection ef759.994 A421j

Art Gallery of S.A.
Australian colonial art 1800-1900.
f759.994 A7835a

The Baldwin Spencer collection of Australian pictures and works of art.
f759.994 B182

Lindsay, Norman, 1879-1969.
Norman Lindsay water colour book: eighteen reproductions in colour from original watercolours.
759.060994 L749

Australian drama, e.g.

Adams, Arthur H., 1872-1936.
Three plays for the Australian stage.
Special Collection A823 A211th

Atkinson, E.J. Rupert, 1881-1961.
Each man a multitude: a fantastic tragedy in three acts.
A821 A875e

Australian novels, e.g.

Atkinson, Louisa, 1834-1872.
The debatable ground, or The Calillawarra claimant.
A823 A877d

Becke, Louis, 1855-1913.
His native wife.
A823 B394h (URRSA E01912)

Bedford, Randolph, 1868-1941.
Aladdin and the boss cockie.
Special Collection A823 B4135s

Australian poetry, e.g. Bayldon, Arthur A.D., b. 1865.

Collected poems of Arthur Albert Bayldon.
A821 B356c

Brereton, J. Le Gay, 1871-1933.
Perdita: a sonnet record.
A821 B841p

Australian studies journals, e.g.

Australian Aboriginal studies.
Central Library Periodicals 572.99405 A93

Australian historical studies.
Central Library Periodicals 994.005 H67

Eureka Street.
Sturt Library Periodicals 050 E89

Journal of Australian Studies.
Central Library Periodicals 994.005 J86

Biographies, e.g.

Gabay, Al, 1946- .
The mystic life of Alfred Deakin.
994.04 D278.G

Grant, Jacqueline.
Providence: the life and times of John Grant (1792-1866)
994.4 G763.G

Rutter, Owen, 1889-1944.
Turbulent journey: a life of William Bligh, Vice-Admiral of the Blue.
Special Collection 994.02 B648.RU

Sladen, Douglas, 1856-1947.
From boundary-rider to Prime Minister: Hughes of Australia.
Special Collection 994.04 H894.SL

Cartographic history, e.g.

Andrews, Alan E.J., 1926- .
Major Mitchell's map 1834: the saga of the survey of the nineteen counties.
919.4 M683.A

Arden, George.
A sketch of Port Phillip: being a review of the map of Australia Felix.
f994.5 A676s

Wyld, James, 1812-1887.
Map of South Australia, New South Wales, Van Diemens Land and settled parts of Australia.
Special Collection Map Collection 912.942 S785s

Current issues, e.g.

Australia, reflections on a republic: a multimedia resource of relevant issues. (CD-ROM)
Central Library Audio-Visual Collection 321.8 A9381

Exploration and discovery, e.g.

Basedow, Herbert, 1881-1933. Notes to accompany the map of the MacKay Exploring Expedition in Central Australia, 1926.
Special Collection p919.4 M155.B

Beaver, Wilfred N., 1882-1917.
Unexplored New Guinea.
919.5 B369u.2 (URRSA K09584)

Report on the work of the Horn Scientific Expedition to Central Australia. (1894)
Special Collection 919.42 R425

Goldfields, e.g.

De Boos, Charles.
Mark Brown's wife: a tale of the gold-fields.
A823 D287m

Earp, G.B.
The gold colonies of Australia: comprising their history, territorial divisions, produce, and capabilities.
(1852) Special Collection 919.4 E13g

Patterson, J.A.
The gold fields of Victoria in 1862.
Special Collection 919.45 P317g

Guides and handbooks, e.g.

Beckett, Sir William, 1806-1869.
The magistrates' manual for the colony of Victoria.
Law Library KL243 A138m

The Australian almanack for the year 1865.
032 A912

Histories of Australian design and artefacts, e.g.

Arnold, Ken. A Victorian thirst.
(On 19th century beverage bottles in Victoria)
Special Collection 032 A912

Cornall, Graham, 1948- .
Memories: a survey of early Australian furniture in the collection of the Lord McAlpine of West Green.
032 A912

Histories of businesses and industries, e.g.

Bain, Mary Albertus, 1911- .
Full fathom five. (The pearl industry)
639.4 B162f

Brash, Nicholas, 1946- .
The model stores 1885-1985, Grace Bros : 100 years serving Sydney.
f338.76 B823m

De Mori, Caroline, 1956- .
'Time Gentlemen': a history of the hotel industry in Western Australia.
994.1 D386t

Histories of educational institutions, e.g.

Pioneering culture: mechanics institutes and schools of arts in Australia.
Sturt Library 374.2 P662

Walford: a centenary history.
373.942 W174

Wright, D.I., 1934- .
Looking back: a history of the University of Newcastle.

Sturt Library 378.944 W948l

Histories of institutions, e.g.

Glover, C.R. J., 1870-1897.
A history of first fifty years of Freemasonry in South Australia, 1834-1884.
Special Collection 366.1 G566h

Johnstone, S.M., 1879- .
A history of the Church Missionary Society in Australia and Tasmania.
266 J73h (URRSA K09761)

Lindsay, Joan, 1896-1984.
The story of the Red Cross.
Special Collection 361.7 L748s

Histories of religious orders, e.g.

Arneil, S.F. Out where the dead men lie: the Augustinians in Australia 1838-1992.
f255 A748o

Barlow, Leila.
Living stones: Convent of the Sacred Heart, Rose Bay, 1882-1982.
Sturt Library 377.8 B258l

Labour history, e.g.

Frances, Raelene.
The politics of work: gender and labour in Victoria, 1880-1939.
377.8 B258l

Letters and memoirs, e.g.

Christian, Fletcher, 1763-1792.
The Letters of Fletcher Christian.
Special Collection 996.1 C555l

Conder, Charles, 1868-1909.
Charles Conder: his life and work.
Special Collection f759.994 C745c

Spence, Catherine Helen, 1825-1910.
Tenacious of the past: the recollections of Helen Brodie.
994.2 S744t

Treloar, J.L., 1894-1952.
An ANZAC diary.
f940.48 T788a

Local histories, e.g.

43 years of civic pride: a history of the Municipality of Lane Cove, 1895-1938.
994.4 F745 (URRSA N14216)

Barnard, F.G.A.
The jubilee history of Kew, Victoria: its origin and progress.
Special Collection 994.5 B259j

Pridmore, Adele.
The rich valley: an account of the early life of McLaren Vale.
Special Collection 994.2 P948r

Community history (Adelaide)
Central Library Periodicals 069.05 C734

Torrens Valley historical journal.
Special Collection 994.205 T691

Maritime history, e.g.

Baty, Scott, 1947- .
The ships that passed.
f387.2 B336s

Bernacchi, L.C., 1876-1942.
Saga of the "Discovery."
Special Collection 919.9 B517s

Divine, David, 1904- .
These splendid ships: the story of the Peninsular and Oriental Line.
387.5 D618t

Quarterly newsletter (Australian Association for Maritime History)
Central Library Periodicals 387.505 N55

Migration history, e.g.

FitzPatrick, David.
Oceans of consolation: personal accounts of Irish migration to Australia. 994 F561o

Asian and Pacific migration journal.
Central Library Periodicals 304.805 A832

Immigration update.
Central Library Periodicals 304.89405 I334

Military history, e.g.

The 36th Australian Infantry Batallion, 1939-1945.
940.541 T447

Andrews, E.M.
The Anzac illusion: Anglo-Australian relations during World War 1.
940.394 A566a

Barrett, Sir James, 1862-1945.
The war work of the YMCA in Egypt.
940.47 B274w

Journal of the Australian War Memorial.
355.05 J87

Naval historical review.
Central Library Periodicals 359.099405 N313

Natural history, e.g.

Moulen, Fred.
Orchids in Australia.
584.15 M926o (URRSA U10077)

Schomburgk, Richard, 1811-1891.
The flora of South Australia.
Special Collection 581.9942 S369f

Pictorial works, e.g.

Adelaide old and new, 1836-1913: a pictorial contrast.
Special Collection fp994.2 A228

Heidelberg since 1836 : a pictorial history.
f994.5 H465 (URRSA U10045 )

Sydney illustrated: panoramic view showing the whole of Sydney Harbour. (1905)
Special Collection f919.44 S986

The Queen's empire: a pictorial and descriptive record. (1897)
f942 Q3 (URRSA U11564)

Promotional works for prospective colonists, e.g.

Australia: its scenery, natural history, resources and settlements. (1854)
Special Collection 919.4 A93882

Australian colonist.
The resources of Australia: and the prospects ... of the new settlements. (1841)
Special Collection 330.994 A9382r

Reference works, e.g.

The Australian dictionary of evangelical biography.
Central Library Reference Collection 280 A938

Australian national bibliography, 1901-1950.
Central Library Reference Collection 015.9405 A95 1901-1950

Monash biographical dictionary of twentieth-century Australia.
Central Library Reference Collection 920.094 M736

Heritage and Environment. (Online Database)

Religious history, e.g.

Gray, Victor L.
Catholicism in Queensland: fifty years of progress. (1910)
Special Collection 282.943 G782c

Baptist Historical Society of Queensland newsletter.
Central Library Periodicals 286.05 B215

Digest of the Australian Churches of Christ Historical Society.
Central Special Collection 286.05 D571

Journal of religious history.
Central Library Periodicals 205 J86

Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society.
Central Library Periodicals 282.05 J86

Social history, e.g.

Adams, Francis, 1862-1893.
The Australians: a social sketch.
Special Collection 919.4 A212a

Berg, Eric G. 1913- .
Amongst spivs, crooks and criminals in Australia: a documentary.
Special Collection f920 B493a

Rawling, J.N., 1898-1966.
The story of the Australian people.
Special Collection 994 R259s


Australian Bureau of Statistics historical publications.
(Microfiche - ABS Collection)

Travel narratives, e.g.

Atkinson, Louisa, 1834-1872.
Excursions from Berrima and a trip to Manaro and Molonglo in the 1870s.
Special Collection A823 A877e

Archbold, Richard.
New Guinea expedition.
Special Collection 919.5 A669n

Bechervaise, John, 1910- .
Blizzard and fire: a year at Mawson, Antarctica.
919.9 B391b

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