Directions to the Gus Fraenkel Medical Library

Access from the University via the tunnel (8.30am - 5.00pm only)

  1. Follow path out of subway tunnel
  2. Go down the steps
  3. At bottom of steps keep heading straight towards glass doors in front of you
  4. Inside building, turn left and walk down corridor on your right
  5. At end of corridor turn right at 'library' sign (blue lifts will be to your left)
  6. You will see another 'library' sign, and the glass entrance doors to the library

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Lift access to the Gus Fraenkel Medical Library

  1. On entering the Flinders Medical Centre (front entrance) proceed to the right of the main staircase (past the volunteer shop) to the lifts.
  2. Take this lift to the second floor and, on leaving the lift, turn right just before reaching the volunteer information desk. You will now follow a route known as “The Concourse”, which takes you past the Level 2 Coffee Shop, Toilets and Karpa Ngarrattendi Aboriginal Health Unit.
  3. Continue along “The Concourse” and “ Pedestrian Street ” past the outside courtyard (on your left), and the Human Resources / Industrial Relations Unit (on your right), then turn right just after the HR / IR Unit.
  4. After turning right, there is a short left turn that brings you to the “M Lifts” foyer, at the intersection of “The Concourse” and “Science Street 2”. Take the lift to Level 5.
  5. On leaving the lift on Level 5, you will pass the toilets and Unibooks (to your right). Enter the corridor (ahead of you) through the double blue doors (which are usually open), under the “Clinical Skills Learning Unit” sign. You enter from “Science Street 5” and there is a “Medical Library” sign to the left of the doors.
  6. The Medical Library is at the end of the short corridor where it turns to the right.

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