The Library collection is divided in a number of ways to differentiate between varying access levels, physical size and special storage requirements. Here is a brief outline of the major collections in the Central Library.

See Central Library floorplans

Large Books

Books that are larger than standard size shelving are stored separately with other large books. These are found on level 2 in front of the journals section and near the 600s and on Level 3 at the start of the books section    These books have an f or an ef preceding their call number.

Main Book Collection

This collection embraces the bulk of the Library's holdings and is readily accessible to all staff and students. The books from the main book collection are available for use throughout the building and for loan.

Microform Collection

Periodicals, newspapers, theses and other publications may be received in microform/microfiche. These are stored at URRSA and can either be read at URRSA or requested to be brought to the Central Library through FindIt@Flinders. Requested items can be read using the reader on level 1 of the library near the search computers.

Newspaper Collection

Many newspapers are found in the microform collection, but up to date copies, or those not yet on microform, are found on Level 2.


Pamphlets can be found interfiled amongst the normal-sized books in the main collection.

Journals Collection

The journals collection consists of publications of various kinds issued serially, that is, in successive parts over a period of time and generally intended to be continued indefinitely. These include journals, annual reports and some government publications.

Most journals are now available online. A display of recent issues of selected print journals is found on level 1. The rest of the print journals collection is found throughout the Library according to location number.


Readings material is available for two hour loan and is restricted for use within the Library. These materials are available from the circulation counter on level 1. Please use FindIt@Flinders to look up the location number of the reading item you wish to borrow before coming to the circulation desk.

Special Collections

Special Collections comprises various collections eg., Rare Book Collection, St Barnabas Collection, Evatt Collection and material not on open access for other reasons:

  • Limited editions
    • Editions of 150 or less where of value in respect of contents
    • Other limited editions where they are also of aesthetic importance
  • Books of aesthetic importance, fine printing, special presses, binding, etc.
  • Fine prints, drawings, etc. including portfolios, albums, loose plates
  • Theses
  • Fragile books
  • Vulnerable material
  • Serials published before 1850
  • Evatt Collection
  • Manuscripts

More information is available on these collections.

These materials are under varying levels of access, and any queries regarding their use should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


The theses of Flinders postgraduates and some Honours students are also kept in Special Collections. Some are available for loan, while others have more restricted access. If you would like to consult a particular thesis, please ask the Special Collections Librarian if any special conditions apply.