The AUIDP Indonesian Libraries Project Archive consists of working papers compiled by Peter H. Saunders while seconded as a Senior Library Advisor to Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java, with the International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges from May 1984 until April 1985.

The collection was presented to the Library in 2005 by Peter Saunders.

List of files

Archive consists of 11 folders:

1. Weekly reports: 43 weekly reports detailing events, problems etc. These reports were not seen by the staff of Brawijaya University and so are honest comments. 113 folios.

2. Unibraw Library Monthly Reports and Final Report: These 10 monthly reports and final report were sent to the Rector, or Head of the University and so left out some frank comments. 38 folios.

3. Universitas Brawijaya Library, Miscellaneous reports, etc. to January 1984: 10 reports by Judith Green, Allan Horton, Dorothy Baker, N. M. Tulloh. 93 folios.

4. Special reports: 1 report: Visit of Mr Allan Horton 16th-18th May 1984. 11 folios.

5. Unibraw Perpastakaan, Recommendations and submissions: 13 submissions and recommendations. 51 folios.

6. Unibraw Library Procedures: Accounts of library procedures with recommendations for change, and examples of library stationery. 66 folios.

7. Correspondence with IDP: 70 letters to and from IDP (previously AUIDP) with associated documents. 182 folios.

8. Correspondence, Mr A. R. Horton: 70 letters with associated documents to and from Allan Horton, IDP Library Consultant. 119 folios.

9. General correspondence, Australia (excluding A. Horton): 203 letters with accompanying documents from Australian universities, colleges and institutes, National Library of Australia, State Library of NSW, Australian Centre for Publications for Development (ACPAD), CSIRO, Library Association of Australia, Dorothy Green, 3M Australia, Canon Australia, Australian Patent Trademarks and Design Office. 269 folios.

10. Correspondence, overseas (excluding Australia): 73 letters consisting of correspondence and accompanying documents with the following institutions and organisations: Association for Information Management; Biochemical Society; British Diabetic Association; British Institute of International and Comparative Law; British Library; British Journal of Radiology; Federation International de Documentation; Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations; Institute of Scientific Information (Singapore); International Development Research Centre (Canada); International Federation of Library Associations; International Medical Foundation of Japan; International Rice Research Institute (Manila); Library of Congress; National Agricultural Library (USA); National Diet Library (Tokyo); National Hospital (Apia); Southeast Asian Medical Information Center; Tropical Development and Research Institute (London); United Nations; University of Papua-New Guinea. 115 folios.

11. General correspondence, Indonesia: 92 letters with accompanying documents. Correspondence with: Airlangga University (Surabaya); Akademi Bahasa Asing (Malang); Asia Foundation (Jakarta); Australian Embassy (Jakarta); British Council (Jakarta); BULOG Food Information Centre (Jakarta); Direktorat Djenderal Agraria (Jakarta); Gedung Kirtya (Singaraja); Institut Keguran dan Ilmu Pendidikan (Bandung); Institut Teknologi (Bandung); Indonesian Library Association Cabang Malang; Ministry of Agriculture (Jakarta); Museum Pusat (Jakarta); Perpustakaan Wilaya (Singaraja); Perpustakaan Wilayah (Bandung); Perpustakaan Nasional (Jakarta); Pusat Documentasi Ilmiah Nasional (Jakarta); Research Institute voor Bedrijfswetenschappen (Delft); Universitas Gajah Mada (Yoyakarta); Universitas Islam (Malang); Universitas Indonesia (Jakarta); Universitas Udayana (Depasar); Wisnuwardhana Universitas (Malang); Yayasan Idaya (Jakarta). Plus Universitas Brawijaya internal letters and memos. 222 folios.