The Newspaper Clippings Collection consists of 22 folders, primarily containing press clippings from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s with some material from the 1960s and 70s. The collection also includes minutes, speeches, correspondence and other misceellaneous items.

The collection of newspaper clippings broadly cover the following subject areas;

  • Refugees in Australia. Started as a resource for talks to service clubs, schools, church groups etc. File consists of information on Indo-China and on matters affecting Asian refugees in Australia.
  • Indonesia and East Timor. The collection covers a wide range of subjects including political, social and economic related articles. In recent years the collection has begun to focus more closely on the response in Australia to events in Indonesia and the collection has grown to include clippings from editorials, and letters to papers. Examples of topics covered within the collection include the 2004 Tsunami, Schapelle Corby, the Bali bombing, the East Timor Sea gas debate, the 1999 elections and President Suharto.
  • Fiji. Covers a range of areas including the 2000 coup and articles relating to tourism and politics.
  • Dr Brendan Nelson. Dr Nelson is a Flinders graduate, is a former President of the Australian Medical Association and as Federal Member for Bradfield the former leader of the Federal Opposition.

The collection was donated over several years by Peter Saunders, former Flinders University staff member and former Hon. Secretary of ICRA (now the Australian Refugee Association).