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This large collection of bookplates was acquired from G.D. Perrottet, a collector and designer of bookplates, in 1966, and more have been acquired from various sources since.  The collection contains approximately 70 archive boxes and 5 shelves of publications.

Several reference works, monographs and periodicals on bookplates in various languages are also in this collection.

The bookplates and the published items can be found by searching within the Bookplate Collection in Findit@Flinders:

Once in FindIt@Flinders, you have the option to use the Advanced Search, to specify:

  • artist – select ‘as author/creator’ in the drop-down menu; or
  • owner (the person named on the bookplate) – select ‘in the title’ in the drop-down menu.
  • In a separate search box in the Advanced Search, type the phrase (including double quote marks) “Bookplate Collection.”

General conditions of access apply.

The bookplates are sorted and arranged in alphabetical files of artists and owners. The collection is divided into several categories with different identifiers or location codes. The main categories are:

Category Identifier
Australian and New Zealand Artists BPANZ/Artist
Overseas Artists BPOS/Artist
Owners BP/Owner

A significant number of bookplates are by unknown artists. These are given the Owner category, i.e. the person named on the bookplate. The Title field is used for owner names.


In the description of some of the bookplates, ‘Signed on the image’ indicates that the bookplate has been signed by the artist after printing. ‘Signed on the plate’ indicates that the artist has incorporated his/her signature or initials into the design of the plate.

Technical Symbols for Bookplates

As approved in 1958, with subsequent amendments, by the International Ex-libris Congress at Barcelona

B Braille

C Intaglio printing
C1 Steel engraving
C2 Copper engraving
C3 Etching
C4 Drypoint
C5 Aquatint
C6 Soft-ground etching
C7 Mezzotint

X Relief printing
X1 Woodcut
X2 Wood engraving
X3 Lino cut
X4 Lead engraving
X5 Zinc engraving
X6 Plastic engraving

L Lithography

S Silk screen

P Photographic reproduction
P1 Line block
P2 Half-tone
P3 Photogravure
P4 Rotogravure
P5 Collotype
P6 Photolithography
P7 Offset
P8 Photograph

T Typographic

E Calligraphy