Dunstan Collection

Don Dunstan
Don Dunstan
The Dunstan Collection was given to Flinders University Library in March 1988 by Don Dunstan (Premier of South Australia 1967-1968 and 1970-1979).

It is housed in a separate purpose-built room in Special Collections, and contains files relating to his political, professional and personal life, photographs, press clippings, speeches and press releases, audiovisual material, books from his library, some items of clothing and other memorabilia.

The collection was given to the Library on the condition that access would be restricted to bona fide scholars. Click here to see the full conditions of access.

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Browse and read speeches, press releases, articles, policy statements and radio broadcasts by Dunstan from throughout his parliamentary career. Click here for full-text keyword searching or use the Dunstan Collection search box on this page for subject and date searching.


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Listen to Ruth Starke in conversation with Kerryn Goldsworthy on Dunstan and the Media, Flinders University Library, Friday 15 March 2013.