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  • Friday 25 October 2013, 3.30pm at the Noel Stockdale Room, Central Library, Flinders University Library The early 20th century saw the beginning of significant collecting of Greek embroideries. Cheryl Simpson, an adjunct lecturer in Humanities at Flinders University will reveal who these early collectors were, and why they were so committed to collecting Greek island […]
  • Special viewing of the exhibition "35° South: exploring South Australia's relation with the sea" in the Noel Stockdale Room today (Friday 25 May) with curator Nikki May in attendance till 5pm.
  • 35° South: exploring South Australia's relationship with the sea. An exhibition showcasing the maritime resources of Special Collections at Flinders University Library is currently being held in the Noel Stockdale Room and the Central Library foyer.
  • Make sure you visit the exhibition in the Noel Stockdale Room, and Library entrance before it is withdrawn on 24 February. The exhibition showcases the Theatre Programmes Collection held in Special Collections.
  • Make sure you visit the exhibition 'Botanical Publications from Flinders' Investigator Voyage' before it closes on 18 February 2011.
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